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ORDAINED FATE - ORDAINED FATE (*Used-CD, 1992, Wonderland)

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ORDAINED FATE - ORDAINED FATE (*Used-CD, 1992, Wonderland)

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This is a great CD. I'm not a big fan of most Christian Rock, ditto for Christian Metal. Not that I'm an unbeliever, it's merely that so much is a 3rd rate soundalike of whatever may be popular at the moment. And alot of what's popular is crap, whether it was 'hair' metal, grunge, or that new screamo. There are a few good bands I like: Jacob's Dream, Theocracy, Narnia. And a couple of bands have great CDs (Lightmare's 'The Fool'; Armageddon's 'Ecologia' from Mexico). Ordained Fate is probably my favorite. Their 2nd CD Glimmer of Hope is good, but their 1st CD is fantastic. Somewhat fast, melodic, thrashy, they are abit like early Iron Maiden, Overkill, Fates Warning, but with a female singer. In fact, other than the drummer, they're all females. And no slouches either. They know how play well and heavy. And it sounds like they're maybe regrouping? If so, that would be welcome news - maybe I'd get a chance to see them live. They're not too terribly far from where I'm from. Fingers crossed, er, oops, I mean, it's on my prayer list.


1. Let's Make a Deal

2. Gethsemane

3. Holy Wars

4. Wonderful Love

5. Gold Cross

6. Tame the Tongue

7. The Election

8. One of the Insane

9. No Death