Order Of Nine ‎– Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror (Pre-Owned 2012, Nightmare) Dark Symphonic Progressive Metal

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Order Of Nine ‎– Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror (Pre-Owned 2012, Nightmare) Dark Progressive Metal

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Dark, Symphonic, Emotive, Progressive and Shred....all descriptives that have been used in association w/ Order of Nine and their music...However true, Order of Nine is more, playing their own brand of Metal, a perfect amalgam of Thrash and accessible Progressive Metal with the dark voice of a seven foot vampyre, reminiscent of Peter Steele and lower register Geoff Tate albeit having a rather engaging airy rasp that neither the aforementioned share.

Order of Nine (originally formed under the moniker Templar) released 'A Touch of Winter's Discontent' which was quickly picked up by Hellion Records, Germany. The CD was globally well received in the 'Underground Power Metal realms.' After a name change in 2001 and a new release dubed 'Of Once and Future Kings" the band signed a deal with Nightmare Records as Order Of Nine. Soon following launching their offering, 'Season of Reign' in Feb of 2005 on Nightmare, along with various tributes including 'Rebellion - a tribute to Queensryche'
and 'Evil Lives - a tribute to Black Sabbath,' released on Dwell Records and Cleopatra Records respectively.

1. Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror
2. Words That Were Said
3. Dreamspeak
4. Spiral Staircase
5. Changing of the Guard
6. Innocence
7. Third Wish
8. Eye of the Enemy
9. Twelfth Talisman
10. Reign Down
11. Winter's Call