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OUTBREAK - OUTBREAK (*Pre-Owned CD, 2009, Trustkill) 80's Metal influenced Metalcore

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Mainstream band

1. Human Target
2. HL
3. Misdirected
4. Temporary Hype
5. In the Digital World
6. Analyze/Criticize
7. Multiple Personality Disorder
8. Sedate Me
9. (Work)ing Dead
10. Warning Signs
11. The Countdown Begins
12. Too Paranoid for Politics
13. Don't Want to Fade (To Death)
14. Concealed

Outbreak leads the charge on their s/t album. the lead vocalist sounds like the one in Fight Paris/ Stone Rider, only angrier. this album clocks in at 20 minutes. it sounds like AC/DC with the lead vocalist of Fight Paris/ Stone Rider at the helm. this album has simplistic riffs and shout along choruses. this is some thought provoking metalcore that has the listener on his/her toes. also the cover of the album turns into a poster. the songs are short, but not sweet. in the time I took writing this review, I heard ten songs. I wonder if Outbreak is releasing another album this year.