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PETRA - WAKE UP CALL (*Used-CD, 1993, Dayspring) Prod by Brown Bannister

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PETRA - WAKE UP CALL (*Used-CD, 1993, Dayspring) Prod by Brown Bannister

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Throughout their thirty-plus years as a band, Petra has had quite a number of member changes. With that, of course, comes a varied musical styling on each of their albums. "Wake-Up Call" falls into the heavier category of Petra's catalogue of albums. Although their last studio album, "Jekyll and Hyde," is probably their heaviest album, "Wake-Up Call" is not too far behind. This is shown through powerful arena rock tunes like "Sleeping Giant" and "Midnight Oil." Other heavier tunes on this album include "Strong Conviction" and "Underneath The Blood." Of course, no Petra album would be complete without a couple of ballads, and the tunes that fit the bill here are "Just Reach Out" and "Marks Of The Cross."

Fans of Petra's "Beyond Belief" album and "No Doubt" will definitely enjoy this album. It has a very good balance of powerful arena rock and lighter ballads. It's one of Petra's best John Schlitt-era albums and is definitely worthy of purchase.

Midnight Oil 3:17
Good News 4:29
Strong Convictions 3:53
He's Been In My Shoes 4:22
Praying Man 4:25
Underneath The Blood 3:30
Sleeping Giant 5:28
Believer In Deed 4:06
Marks Of The Cross 4:35
Just Reach Out 4:28