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PLANKEYE - COMMONWEALTH (*Used-CD, 1996, Tooth-n-Nail)

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PLANKEYE - COMMONWEALTH (*Used-CD, 1996, Tooth-n-Nail) 

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Plankeye's Commonwealth is a great album to sing your lungs out to. An engaging set of tunes combined with slick yet aggressive electric arrangements, this is a great album to have when you're alone driving down a highway and can sing as loud as you want. You'll even find yourself singing along with the guitar lines. Upon its release, the album was criticised for being too much of a departure in sound from their previous albums, a sound they returned to for their following album The One & Only. And while both The One & Only and The Spark are terrific albums, Commonwealth is the true gem and an album to adore.

Perhaps the album's strongest point is the yearning melodies. "Who Loves you more," "He," "Beautiful" and most notably "Push Me Down" are all gripping tracks which make you feel like your heart will burst. The other upbeat tracks, such as "Whisper to Me," lead single "B.C," "Placement" (make sure you catch the start of the second verse), "Struck by the Chord" and the title track, create a great balance throughout the album, taking you on a most invigorating ride.

The album has top production values and excellent talent to offer. There is not a dud song on here. I have nothing negative to say about the album. It's brilliantly executed, but I will just warn that Scott's voice may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, I am not in that camp.

Commonwealth is an album that rocks out in an intelligent way, and you won't quickly get sick of it. It only seems to grow on you until you can't help but sing along from start to finish.

1 Whisper To Me 2:50
2 B.C. 2:31
3 Push Me Down (Veiled) 5:19
4 Struck By The Chord 4:31
5 Placement 2:42
6 Commonwealth 4:15
7 He 3:47
8 Bicycle 4:08
9 Beautiful 4:05
10 Who Loves You More? 4:22