RANSOM - RANSOM (20th Anniversary Edition) (*NEW-CD, 2010, Intense Millenium)

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20th Anniversary Edition.
Tracks 12 to 14 are listed as bonus tracks, and are from the band's 1988 demo tape 'Once And for All'. Track 15 is an unlisted hidden track from they were known as First Aid. Tracks 12 and 13 are also flipped from the cover to the CD order.

Ransom fans! I just purchased this 20th Anniversary Edition CD and it is fantastic. Yes, all the songs have been remastered and sound stronger and more upfront. I had a cassette of this back when it first came out and the sound was never very strong (at least off of the cassette). Lisa's vocals never sounded upfront, but now on this Remastered edition, her vocals and the band's sound are sharp and clear. The CD includes a fold-out front cover with lyrics and new photos from original 1988 band line-up - Michael Ciada; Tony Ortiz; Lisa Faxon; and, if I'm not mistaken, Jon Spinola, before he joined Novella for both their projects. The CD includes all the original songs - 1. Lasting Love; 2. Rumors; 3. Memories Of You; 4. Fool That I Am; 5. Break Into Their Darkness; 6. Tonight; 7. Etched In Stone; 8. Fallen Angel; 9. Your Broken Heart; 10. I'll Never Leave You; 11. When I Die. Bonus Tracks include (from their 1988 Once and For All Demo): Sin Killer (this song could only be found previously on 1988 California Metal II project); Sticks & Stones; To Be Like You; All My Heart. Unfortunately, the lyric enclosure does not include the lyrics to these bonus tracks. Intense Millenium Records did a fantastic job on this REMASTER. You won't be disappointed!!! Very professional project!! Thanks to Intense Millenium Records!!!