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ROSE - CRAZY LITTLE WORLD (*NEW-CD, 1994, Intense Records) Mad at the World Drummer

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ROSE - CRAZY LITTLE WORLD (*NEW-CD, 1994, Intense Records)

Mad at the World Drummer

Well cared for!

1 New Day
2 Cold Blue Hill
3 Give Up On Me
4 Crazy Little World
5 You Need God
6 My Love
7 Rainy Day
8 Crying
9 Life Passes By
10 My Life

I had a copy of this back in 1994, but somehow I had lost it, or perhaps sold it. I went ahead and picked up another copy of it on Amazon since I haven't listened to it in what seemed to be 15 or so years. I was a big fan of Mad at the World in my late teens and early 20s. I've moved on since then, but their records are a fun listen since they effortlessly shifted between genres while maintaining classic pop songcraft intact. Randy Rose released a few records on his own: 1 under the name "Randy Rose," 4 under simply "Rose," and then 2 under "Mothership [USA]." This is one of the Rose releases and tends to stick out in his catalogue. The other records released under the Rose and Randy Rose monikers are of the hard rock/metal variety, while Crazy Little World was kind of a 60s retro rock throw back. I don't dislike hard music at all, but I always felt this was Randy's best effort under the Rose moniker, despite many moments of awkwardness in the vocal delivery and lyrics (let's face it, he's no Bob Dylan). All of these songs have razor sharp hooks and it's obvious Randy has digested a smorgasbord of 60s pop/rock. In fact, it's a little too obvious in "Life Passes By," which is essentially a rip off of The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." However, for those who were into the direction Mad at the World took on The Ferris Wheel and The Dreamland Café, there is a lot here that might appeal to you.