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SACRED WARRIOR - REBELLION (*NEW-CD, 2010, Intense Millennium) rare reissue

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SACRED WARRIOR - REBELLION (*NEW-CD, 2010, Intense Millennium) rare reissue

8 page booklet w/lyrics
New Cover Art & Original Artwork
New liner notes from Pastor Bob Beeman

The burgeoning Christian metal movement had several notable bands by the mid 1980's. None, however, took the progressive elements of pioneers like Queensryche and Fates Warning and combined them with the pure energy and heaviness present in much of the thrash metal of the time. Enter Sacred Warrior - a band that skillfully and successfully combined these two elements to create a metallic attack that rivaled many of their contemporaries, and stands the test of time as one of the greats of the era. Rebellion, the band s auspicious debut, capitalizes on that potent mixture by offering up searing riffs, lightning fast solos, soaring vocals, and a rhythm section that thundered with authority.  Track 12 and 13 are previously unreleased demo recordings (2001/2006).

1 Black Metal 4:40
2 Mad, Mad World 4:16
3 Stay Away From Evil 2:46
4 He Died 3:55
5 Children Of The Light 2:38
6 Rebellion 4:29
7 Day Of The Lord 3:36
8 The Heavens Are Calling 4:32
9 Famine 5:12
10 Master Of Lies 3:13
11 Sword Of Victory 3:30
12 Day By Day 4:07
13 Prince Of Peace 3:31

Originally released 1988
Different cover artwork