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SERVANT - SHALLOW WATER (*CD, 2006, Retroactive Records)

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SERVANT - SHALLOW WATER (*CD, 2006, Retroactive Records) 

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1 Shallow Water 5:05
2 Rich Man 3:45
3 Here Comes David 3:34
4 Rejoice 4:22
5 Jesus Star 3:32
6 Water Grave 4:52
7 Cup Of Water 4:52
8 Holy Roller Blues 3:32
9 Fly Away 3:52

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Remastered At – Creation Station Media
Engineer – Bob Rock
Executive Producer – Matthew Hunt
Producer – Bob Brooks
Remastered By – Rev

Let me admit the biases first: Servant was our band, by that, I mean part of our commune, managed and put together by my dad, and all the people in it close friends of mine. So I am going to be pretty supportive.

I like folk rock. I miss it. Well, I grew up on it. This was decidedly a folk rock album. Pleasant music that you could understand all the words to- and you really wanted to, for the words were that good. Well, for many the words were too cutting and dangerous to listen to, for who wants to hear a call to repent, that you, the church, are not actually following Jesus Christ? Isn't contemporary Christian music supposed to just make Christians happy, and be a safe outlet to dance?

Servant was cutting edge- the first Christian band with an extensive light show, the first to use lasers, and the band that gave Petra their start. A lot of what made Servant what it was comes through in this album. The words speak to the foundational elements of our commune, HMS. The Jesus Movement never produced a tome like the Westminster Confession; for us, our theology was expressed in our music. Even today, when I contemplate an ethical action, I consult the Bible, and the music I grew up with.

So Shallow Water speaks of how Christians don't take their faith seriously. As Ghandi said, if only the Christians actually did what their religion called for, it would truly change the world. Rich Man speaks of the loneliness that accompanies wealth, when Christ calls us to give up all we have to the poor and come follow Him. Cup of Water reminded us of our call to care for the poor first, and not only be the poor. Here Comes David and Rejoice are praise songs- but the lines of Here Comes David unique and wonderful.

"David had a wife who stayed in town/from the top floor window she was looking down/she said, 'Hey David what do you mean, by causing a ruckus, by making a scene?/He said, 'Going to praise the Lord so go back inside/Shut the door." Truly, we need more songs in praise of dancing publicly in underwear.

Jesus Star was an homage to some of the wonderful music from the musical Lonesome Stone that toured Europe long ago. Holy Roller Blues was true Jesus Freak vintage, using the Blues to ask "Whose freak are you?", and sung wonderfully raw by Bruce, God rest his soul. He gave his testimony on stage during the tour, that lead directly into this song. It was something that made Servant unique, and spoiled all future concerts for me. Because of my dad's background in theatre, they would often have short skits interspersed throughout the songs. I came to think of this as normative in rock music. Then later I found out most concerts are so boring, for they only have music! Not so Servant, a lost art form, using theatre and music to call the Church to be what it was always meant to be.