Sixpence None The Richer ‎– Tickets For A Prayer Wheel (*Used-CD, 1995, R.E.X.)

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Sixpence None The Richer ‎– Tickets For A Prayer Wheel (*Used-CD, 1995, R.E.X.)

Well cared for, some light flaws on CD doe not affect play.

"Tickets for a Prayer Wheel" by Sixpence None the Richer is listed as an EP, but it might just as well have been released as their third regular album. It has a playing time of close to 45 minutes and in that respect actually longer than their debut "The Father and The Widow".

A reason why it was decided to release it as an EP could very well be because composition of the numbers may seem somewhat uneven. It opens with two versions of the fine song "Within a Room Somewhere". Then after a string of subdued songs which stylistically seem very inspired by British folk-rock, the EP closes with three more experimenting tracks.

As mentioned, the group seems very inspired by European folk-music, and you may very well come to think of groups like The Cranberries or Pentangle when listening to songs like "Carry You" or "Dresses". Also Interesting to hear a very original version of the old pop hit "Love Letters in the Sand".

Singer Leigh Nash is much in the foreground during the first part of the EP, and though she does not quite have developed the unique style she is known through later albums, she still comes out pretty strong the picture.

"Alisha's First Step" is a quiet acoustic instrumental, which comes as a very nice extension of the first six numbers. Then the EP takes some radical genre shifts with the highly experimental, and more than six minutes long "Solomon the Mystic" which provide space for improvisations, especially for the guitars. "Love, Salvation, the Fear of Death" is a dance number which is very far from the other numbers, and what the group generally is known for. 

Within A Room Somewhere (Radio Edit) 4:02
Within A Room Somewhere (Demo) 6:29
Healer 3:41
Dresses 3:34
Love Letters In The Sand 3:01
Carry You 6:53
Alisha's First Steps 3:33
Solomon The Mystic 6:19
Love, Salvation, The Fear Of Death (Dance Mix Intro) 0:43
Love, Salvation, The Fear Of Death (Dance Mix) 3:48
Untitled 2:05