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STORMWITCH - EYE OF THE STORM (*NEW-CD, 2005, Battle cry Records) Import Power Metal Reissue

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STORMWITCH - EYE OF THE STORM (*NEW-CD, 2005, Battle cry Records) Import Power Metal Reissue

Blazing guitars - Soaring vocals - Powerful METAL!  

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1 Paradise 3:43
2 Heart Of Ice 3:57
3 I Want You Around 4:20
4 King In The Ring 5:07
5 Tarred And Feathered 3:42
6 Eye Of The Storm 3:44
7 Another World Apart 3:44
8 Steel In The Red Light 4:08
9 Rondo Ala Turca 3:09
10 Take Me Home 4:01
11 Eye Of The Storm [live] 3:37
12 King In The Ring [live] 5:08
13 The Beauty And The Beast [live] 4:55
14 Tears By The Firelight [live] 6:57
15 Rondo Ala Turca [live] 3:03
16 Dragon's Day [live] 3:55
17 Tigers Of The Sea [live] 4:43
18 Silent Mood [live] 4:20

Stormwitch followed their excellent The Beauty and the Beast album with 1989's Eye of the Storm. This album is very similar to the one it followed, also full of fantastical lyrical themes and colorful, creative guitar playing. There is also great variety here.

There are some of the best uses of synthesizers that I've ever heard on this album. Just listen to songs like "Eye of the Storm" and "Paradise" to see what I mean. Stormwitch also tries something new on this album in "Tarred and Feathered," a very old-fashioned type of rock 'n' roll song that uses an infectious shuffle beat. They even throw in a cover of Mozart's "Rondo Ala Turca," showcasing some excellent guitar playing, and proving that metal can be very similar to classical music, and is most definetely influenced by it.

Stormwitch takes a chance at a change here by putting three slower ballads on the album: "I Want You Around," "Another World Apart," and "Take Me Home." These are very similar to the "power ballads" released by many hair bands in the 80s, but with a distinct, otherworldly Stormwitch twist. They are genuine, sensitive songs that are soothing to listen to. Even metalheads have a soft side, and songs like these are refreshing whenever you're feeling sentimental.

Like always, on this album Stormwitch doesn't fail to reproduce that magical vibe that makes their music so unique. These guys had imagination and soul, and it really shines through on Eye of the Storm.