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  • Pre-Order (Release Date - March 30th)
  • Remastered with Enhanced Artwork
  • Jewel Case Edition
  • Limited Edition 
  • 1994 Hard Rock Album of the Year  


Dove Award winning 1994 Hard Rock Album of the Year has been completely  remastered with enhanced art work. This amazing album sounds exactly like you would expect in 2019, a fat punch in the mouth. This is Ken Tamplin (Shout) at his absolute best. It's hard hitting, fist pumping, driving,  hard rock.  The song SLAVE TRADE has got to be one of greatest fist-pumping anthems out today, no wonder this won a Dove Award.

It's hard to believe that this amazing album is now 26 years old.  Originally released in 1993 on Benson records, this is Ken Tamplin's 3rd solo project. Although this went almost undiscovered due to Bensons lack of proper promotion is is without a doubt Ken Tamplin's finest hour. So when the opportunity to remaster this gem and bring it out in all it's glory, it was obvious no-brainer.  


Ken Tamplin is a Christian Rock singer and world-renowned vocal coach. Tamplin grew up in Southern California and is also the cousin of Van Halen's Sammy Hagar. Tamplin is known for his extreme vocal range, has over 30+ years of touring experience, and has been invited to sing for bands such as Motley Crue, Journey, Accept, Black Sabbath, and many others.

Ken’s band SHOUT recorded 3 albums, It Won’t Be Long, In Your Face and Shout Back. He also recorded under the name Magdallan, as well as numerous solo projects such as Axe To Grind, Soul Survivor, In the Witness Box and We The People.

Ken’s contribution to Film/TV include music for Inspector Gadget, Ace Ventura, Baywatch, The X-Files, Charlie's Angels, and many others. Tamplin continues to be the "Vocal Coach's Vocal Coach" as he continues to be unrivaled in his own ability to sing and produce superstars on YouTube, America's Got Talent, Eurovision, and The Voice.

TAMPLIN won a GMA Dove Award in 1994 for HARD ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR and 4 total Dove Awards along with 12 nominations over his career. TAMPLIN is jam-packed with ripping guitar solos, hooks, melodies and soaring vocals and just might be Ken Tamplin’s finest album. 

  1. Dancing On A Volcano
  2. Slave Trade
  3. Testify
  4. Mystery Train
  5. Don't Let The Sky Fall On Me
  6. In The Lap Of Legends
  7. When The Clock Runs Down
  8. Get Out Of My Sun
  9. All The King's Horses
  10. Movers And Shakers
  11. Suspicious Eyes

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