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Indie Release

1. LITTLE, big

2. Lovely Lilly Lou

3. Oh Sweet Companion

4. Molly is a Metaphor

5. Rob's and Carolee's

6. Mamas in the Desert, Daddy's in the Sky

T.S. Taylor: Lead and background vocals, acoustic rhythm and lead guitars, percussion, track arrangements.

Rob Watson: Keyboards, loops, accordion, mandolin, percussion, whistles, bells, orchestral and track arrangements

Additional musicians:

Tom Strahle: electric guitars on "Mama" and "Companion"

Carolee Mayne: Soprano vocal on "Mama"

LITTLE, big is perhaps my most personal offering yet. It is a gentle little glimpse into the Ordinary/Extraordinary "stuff" that is everyday life, and my hope is that this celebration of the wonder of the "mundane" will resonate with every listener. Those little things that we habitually fail to notice are the very things that ought to become front and center and which indeed "enlarge" us. It is in them that we often find the grace, mercy, and love of God. Great things are not so much waiting for us down the road as much as they are here and now... sometimes right under our noses. God grant us the ability to recongize them, celebrate them, delight in them, and give glory and honor to their Source.


I would like to thank Rob Watson for his unbelievably hard work, his dedication and commitment, his incanny musical intuition, and his amazing God given gifts. He is a craftsman of the first order. Above all I thank him for his dear and enduring friendship.

Blessings and thanks to Carolee Maybe whose hospitality and friendship always makes my stay in L.A. a great delight. Ny deepest love and thanks to JT Feavel who continues to encourage and inspire, and without whom this project would not have been made. I thank him and his precious family from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, to all those who have inspired these songs, directly and indirectly, I am eternally grateful to you. Above all, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has blessed me beyond imagining with the "little, bigs" in my life.

- Terry Scott Taylor.