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The Alarm ‎– Eponymous 1981-1983 (*NEW-2x CD Set, 2018) Remastered classic Christian rock!

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The Alarm ‎– Eponymous 1981-1983 (*NEW-2x CD Set) Remastered classic Christian rock!

Two CD edition. Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the Welsh band's 1983 EP. The release contains the band's first four singles and B-sides plus tracks from their North American debut EP originally released in 1983. Remastered from the original master tapes under the supervision of singer Mike Peters with extensive sleeve notes featuring contributions from original band members. Package includes original art inside along with unseen photographs. The Alarm were a Welsh alternative rock/new wave band that formed in Rhyl, Wales, in 1981. Initially formed as a punk band, The Toilets in 1977, under lead vocalist Mike Peters, the band soon embraced rock, displaying marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alternative rock band of the 1980s. They retain a loyal following.

1-1 Unsafe Building (Electric) 4:25
1-2 Up For Murder (Acoustic) 2:27
1-3 Reason 41 (EMI Demo) 2:43
1-4 The Deceiver (EMI Demo) 4:17
1-5 Lie Of The Land (EMI Demo) 2:22
1-6 Sixty Eight Guns (Demo Version) 4:06
1-7 What Kind Of Hell (Demo Version) 2:40
1-8 Marching On (Single Version) 3:32
1-9 Lie Of The Land 2:32
1-10 Across The Border 3:39
1-11 The Stand (Single Version) 3:40
1-12 Blaze Of Glory (Long Version) 6:35
1-13 Sixty Eight Guns (Single Version) 3:14
1-14 Thoughts Of A Young Man (Part One) 2:55
1-15 Sixty Eight Guns (Part Two) 3:28
1-16 The Stand (Long Version) 4:41
2-1 For Freedom (Live) 3:25
2-2 Reason 41 (Live) 2:34
2-3 The Deceiver (Live) 3:00
2-4 Third Lght (Live) 3:48
2-5 Lie Of The Land (Live) 2:55
2-6 Legal Matter (Live) 2:25
2-7 Marching On (Live) 5:50