The Alarm ‎– When The Storm Broke (*NEW-2 x CD Set)

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The Alarm ‎– When The Storm Broke (*NEW-2 x CD Set) 

Double CD of The Alarm recorded live between 1981 and 1991. Featuring 10 hit singles and some cracking covers. All performances from the band's own live archives from tours through America, Finland & the UK.

The Alarm always delivered a great show. This live collection captures the live sound excellently. The guitars sound like they did at the Trenton War Memorial and The Tower Theater in Philadelphia. There are no notes about where these tracks are from but it appears to be the original band as Dave Sharp sings "Tell Me" with his usual brand of conviction. The backing vocals all sound great and the main vocals are clear in the mix. At the core of the Alarm was a punk band, fueled by The Clash for inspiration. They were never an arena rock band and they don't sound like an arena rock band. Since the original band only band a one-off reunion concert, these tracks are assumed to be from 1991 or earlier. There is an excellent version of "Majority" that ignites while the recorded studio version sounds much tamer. This reminds me of seeing decks of cards being thrown during shows at The Ritz in NY and Rutger's University. It is an excellent recording from a very underrated and often misunderstood band.

1-1 Where Were You Hiding (When The Storm Broke)
1-2 Sixty Eight Guns
1-3 Rockin' In The Free World
1-4 Absolute Reality
1-5 Lead Me Through The Darkness
1-6 Knife Edge
1-7 Wind Blows Away My Words
1-8 Howling Wind
1-9 Spirit Of '76
1-10 The Road
1-11 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
1-12 Rain In The Summertime
1-13 Rescue Me
1-14 Moments In Time
1-15 The Chant Has Just Begun
2-1 Marching On
2-2 Shout To The Devil
2-3 Lie Of The Land
2-4 Second Generation
2-5 Unsafe Building
2-6 Tell Me
2-7 Unbreak The Promise
2-8 Majority
2-9 Father To Son
2-10 Strength
2-11 Third Light
2-12 What Kind Of Hell
2-13.1 Intro
2-13.2 Stairway To Heaven
2-13.3 Pinball Wizard
2-13.4 My Generation
2-13.5 The Stand
2-14 Blaze Of Glory
2-15 We Are The Light