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The Controlled Bleeding ‎– Can You Smell The Rain Between (*Pre-Owned CD) Dark Ambient Space Rock!

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The Controlled Bleeding ‎– Can You Smell The Rain Between (*Pre-Owned CD) Dark Ambient Space Rock!

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This was the first Controlled Bleeding CD I purchased. At first, I did not like it much. I was thinking, "Another English band of really trippy space-cadets". Well that was last year when this title was released. I kept coming back to it. I like dark stuff... experimental and trippy, but this recording had no "hook" to it until I put the song, "Here Come the Warm Jets " onto one of my mix tapes. It actually has a beat to it and it is on the hard side in flavor... but it is infectious! I put it right after the live version of Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd. I had already recorded more than half the CD already on other dark mixes for my somber car rides alone. Most the songs have no real beat pursay, but fits a gothic definition in a way. Darn if this is intellegent, well-planed improvization and experimentation with tone, texture and "closing" space. You will have to hear it to understand what I mean by closing space.
Next to Between Tides, this is their best record! I think it is fair that there is no deception about what this music is. It is strange, eerie, mood enhanced dark-joy of musical experimentation!
I fear that this band is done. I hope not. They will NEVER fit into a mainstream category but this is a very intellengent work of Dark Ambient Space rock. Excellent spin!

1 Red Hands Waiting 6:50
2 Poisoner Pt3
Guitar [Telstar] – Guy Lohnes
3 Birdcan 1:33
4 Schist 7:28
5 ...Please Sit Down 0:44
6 Felch Space Scan
Drums – Tatsuya Yoshida
7 Can You Smell The Rain Between 8:27
8 Poisoner Pt4
Guitar [Telstar] – Guy Lohnes
9 Trawler 8:06
10 Untitled 0:15
11 Here Come The Warm Jets
Written-By – Brian Eno
12 Untitled 1:00
13 Onaip 1:32
14 Cathode A 5:35
15 Yak, An Outro
Written-By – The Doors