The Eric Gales Band ‎– Picture Of A Thousand Faces (*NEW-CD, 1993, Elekra) Heavy blues with King's X vibe! **Only 1 Copy!

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The Eric Gales Band ‎– Picture Of A Thousand Faces (*NEW-CD, 1993, Elekra) Heavy blues with King's X vibe!

Eric G. was only 18 when this CD was released in 1993, I believe, but his guitar playing is already top-notch by this time! You can easily hear a blend of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, and Eric Johnson in his soloing, and Eric in fact lists each of those greats in his liner notes when thanking the ones who influenced him as musician. Great playing throughout, along with a fine rhythm section performance in his power trio band! Bassist Eugene's vocal style has a little more power than Eric's, so his vocal contribution also enhance the musical quality of these tracks. Eric's singing is still good, of course, and in fact his singing sounds a little clearer on this CD than it does on his more recent material.

The only real gripe I have is that the guitar solo on the title track is buried by a bunch of vocals--during the main guitar solo in the middle of the song--that was dumb. Just my perspective, but some of the tracks have a bit more "polished" sound with over-produced and over-tracked vocals, kind of like Toto...but it still sounds good, nothing really wrong with it...I myself just prefer the "rawer" sound of Eric's more recent CDs.

The real showpiece of this CD is the cover of the Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)". Fantastic!! As you might expect, at end of the song where the Beatles' own version is nothing but that arpeggiated figure repeating over and over, Eric lays down a KILLER solo on top of it to finish the song...a great version!!

So overall...a MUST HAVE for all Eric Gales fans, or any fan of quality blues-rock!

Paralyzed 4:35
Angel Of The Night 4:36
Picture Of A Thousand Faces 4:56
God Only Knows 5:40
I Want You (She's So Heavy) 7:42
Temple Of Deliverance 5:12
Guilty Of The Innocence 5:14
Misty 0:42
Take A Look (Deep Inside Of You) 4:52
Bang That Bell 4:05
Draw The Line 6:31