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THE FRONT - LIVE IN CONCERT (*Pre-owned CD, 1985) Tommy Funderburk Boston/REO Speedwagagon AOR/Rock *Unofficial Live Album

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Ultra Rare. Amazing Live Concert Feat Tommy Funderburk & Ex-Seawind/ What If/ Lee Ritenour/ Toshiyuki Honda Members !!!

1.Hard to take
2.How long
3.All under him
4.Silent night
5.The promise
7.On the boulevard
8.Christ of passion

Tommy Funderburk (Airplay/What If/King Of Hearts/Boston/Player/Reo Speedwagon/Lee Ritenour/Bernie Taupin)
Bob Wilson (Seawind/What If/Toshiyuki Honda/Lee Ritenour/Crystal Lewis/Bryan Duncan)
Bud Nuanez (Seawind/Toshiyuki Honda/Gabor Szabo/Christiaan Mostert)
John Andrew Schreiner (Cher/Petra/Michael Thompson Band/Crystal Lewis)


Tommy Funderburk
Tommy Funderburk is an American rock singer
He has recorded with artists such as Jon Anderson, Laura Branigan, Coverdale-Page, Melissa Manchester, Magnum, Mötley Crüe, Steve Lukather, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Richie Kotzen, Debbie McGee, Starship, REO Speedwagon, Whitesnake, Yes[1] and many others.
Early life
Funderburk was born in North Carolina, and grew up in the south. His favorite music included The Beatles, all kinds of R&B, soul and Gospel. In college, he played in a band he and some friends started called Sanctuary. He studied to be a high school history teacher and recorded jingles at a local studio. The band once opened for Andraé Crouch. Crouch and his drummer were impressed by the young singer and encouraged Tommy to come to L.A.[3]
Funderburk sold everything he had and moved to L.A. where he met someone from Earth, Wind and Fire. He was introduced to David Foster (who co-wrote several songs on the EW&F album I Am) and Jay Graydon, who were looking for a singer for their project Airplay. The role soon fell to Funderburk.
The Front
In the early '80s he met drummer Bob Wilson from the group Seawind, and in 1984 they formed The Front. The Front recorded a self-titled album, followed by a U.S tour and a European tour the following year. On the European tour the line-up was Funderburk on vocals, Wilson on drums, Seawind alums Bud Nuanez and Ken Wild on bass and guitar, and John Andrew Schreiner on keyboards.
In 1986 Tommy Funderburk did the lead vocals on a track called "Never Too Late To Start" for the movie soundtrack "Running Scared". Funderburk also participated on an album entitled Voices with a song called "Lift up My Voice". In 1987 Wilson and Funderburk reformed their band, brought in yet another former Seawind member, Larry Williams, on keyboards and saxophone, changed the band's name to What If, and released a self-titled album on RCA. This album also featured blazing guitar work from Michael Landau.
Apart from fronting bands and doing sessions Tommy has also written songs for other artists including Starship. In 1989 the song "It's Not Enough" (from the Starship album Love Among the Cannibals), performed by Starship and written by Tommy Funderburk and Martin Page, reached No. 12 on the Billboard chart.[citation needed]
In 1988 Funderburk met Bruce Gaitsch at a recording session with Richard Marx (Gaitsch and Marx were looking for a singer that could sing even higher than Richard Marx). Gaitsch and Funderburk decided to write some songs together. The first song they wrote, "King of Hearts", was as a tribute to Roy Orbison that was later going to be included on the King of Hearts album and also became the name of the band. Apart from Funderburk and Gaitsch the band included Night Ranger's Kelly Keagy on drums and vocals, and George Hawkins on vocals and bass. King of Hearts were signed to Polygram, but Polygram never released any of the band's material. The songs from these sessions were finally released ten years later by a Japanese record company on an album entitled "1989".
Some of the songs from the King of Hearts sessions were later re-mixed and together with some new songs their first album was finally released in 1994 in Sweden, Japan and Germany - although now with the actual band King of Hearts only consisting of Tommy Funderburk and Bruce Gaitsch. On the successive tour the King of Hearts lineup was Funderburk and Gaitsch together with David Miner on bass, Bill Cantos on keyboards and Billy Ward on drums - the band spent one week touring Japan and another week in Sweden.
In 1995 Tommy Funderburk and bassist David Miner, who Funderburk had known since the days of Andrae Crouch, recorded and released an acoustic collection of songs entitled The Dwelling Place. The album included a mix of classic hymns and songs originally written to be used for worship at the Malibu Vineyard Church where he was a worship leader at the time. In 1996 Tommy Funderburk and Bruce Gaitsch recorded a follow-up to the first King of Hearts album called Joy Will Come, that was released during the Autumn 1996 in Sweden, Germany and Japan. In December 1997, Thoughtscape released a King of Hearts compilation CD called No Matter What, likely to be their last recording.
In 1998 Tommy recorded an a cappella album with the vocal group West Coast All Stars (featuring Funderburk, Chicago's Jason Scheff, Bobby Kimball from Toto and Joseph Williams former Toto) entitled Naturally. The album contains a cappella versions of classic hits from the seventies, for example "Stairway to Heaven", "I Shot the Sheriff", "What's Goin' On", and "Sir Duke".
In 2004 Tommy Funderburk co-founded Sovereign Artists, a record company that has recently released the first Heart album in over a decade, Jupiter's Darling.[4] In the first press release Funderburk said, "We wanted to go to those artists that have an established fan base, and those tend to be slightly older. We're trying to be genre-agnostic. We would like to just concentrate on good music."
In January 2005 the Italian record company Frontiers released Tommy Funderburk's debut album Anything For You, an album featuring several songs co-written by Funderburk with the likes of Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitsch and Greg Mathieson in the style of Toto, Richard Marx and Journey.
Year     Album     Artist    
2020     The Warner Bros. Years     Lauren Wood     Vocals (Background)
2019     Starship Enterprise: The Best of Jefferson Starship and Starship     Jefferson Starship     Composer
2018     40 Trips Around the Sun     Toto     Vocals (Background)
2016     The Complete Hits and More!     Eddie Money     Vocals (Background)
2014     An Americana Christmas         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
2014     The Hard Way/No Time to Kill     Clint Black     Vocals (Background)
2013     21st Century Hits: Best of 2000-2012     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
2012     Original Album Series     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
2012     Playlist: The Very Best of Starship     Starship     Composer
2011     Juice/Quiet Lies/Dirty Looks     Juice Newton     Vocals (Background)
2011     Psalms Alive!     Rob Mathes     Vocals, Composer
2011     The Essential Steve Vai     Steve Vai     Vocals
2010     The Breakout Years     Amy Grant     Vocals (Background)
2010     The Shoulda Been Gold 2001-2009     I See Hawks in L.A.     Vocals (Background)
2010     The Singer Songwriter Collection     Amy Grant     Vocals (Background)
2010     Tour Box     Bon Jovi     Vocals (Background)
2007     Already Moved On     Moot Davis     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
2007     Noriyuki Makihara Songs from LA         Primary Artist
2007     Old Flame/Dirty Looks     Juice Newton     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
2007     Streetfighter/Hope + Glory     The Four Seasons     Vocals (Background)
2006     California Country     I See Hawks in L.A.     Vocals (Background)
2006     Pioneer     Kazu Matsui     Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
2006     The Best of Starship [Direct Source]     Starship     Composer
2006     The Bourbon Legend     Jason Boland     Vocals (Background)
2005     Anything for You     Tommy Funderburk     Primary Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Composer
2005     Archives, Vol. 4     Steve Vai     Vocals (Background)
2005     Chronicles     Whitesnake     Vocals
2005     Feels Like Home     Sara Evans     Vocals (Background)
2005     Mexican Standoff     Michelle Shocked     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
2005     Rock the Bones, Vol. 2         Composer, Primary Artist
2005     Threesome     Michelle Shocked     Vocals (Background)
2004     Country Christmas, Vol. 1 [Atlantic]         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
2004     Kadomatsu T's Songs from L.A.         Primary Artist
2004     Platinum & Gold Collection     Starship     Composer
2003     Greatest Hits [Delta]     Starship     Composer
2003     Ignition     Ignition     Composer
2003     Language of the Heart     Stan Bush     Vocals (Background)
2003     Population Me     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
2003     Rock While I Can Rock: The Geffen Years     Steve Forbert     Vocals (Background)
2003     Starship [St. Clair]     Starship     Composer
2003     Straight from the Heart/Take No Prisoners     Peabo Bryson     Vocals (Background)
2003     The Essential Collection     Starship     Composer
2003     The Essential Eddie Money     Eddie Money     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2003     The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology     Steve Vai     Vocals, Featured Artist
2002     Change My Heart: 25 Top Vinyard Worship Songs         Primary Artist
2002     Family Life: I Still Do         Vocals
2002     Greatest Hits     Jefferson Airplane     Composer
2002     Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection     Whitesnake     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2002     Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Bros. Years     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
2001     Cosmic Grooves: Virgo         Composer
2000     As I Am     Suzy K.     Vocals (Background)
2000     VH1 Behind the Music: The Jefferson Airplane Collection     Jefferson Airplane     Composer
1999     Greatest Hits     Beth Nielsen Chapman     Vocals (Background)
1999     Last Chance for a Thousand Years: Greatest Hits from the 90's     Dwight Yoakam     Guest Artist, Vocals (Background)
1999     Mister Blue     Mr. Blue     Vocals (Background)
1999     Praise 16 - The Power of Your Love     Maranatha Music / The Maranatha! Singers     Vocals
1999     Tropico/Seven the Hard Way     Pat Benatar     Vocals (Background)
1998     A Long Way Home     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals, Vocals (Background), Vocal Harmony, Vocal Arrangement
1998     Hits     Jefferson Airplane     Composer
1998     I Will Fly     Eleni Kelakos     Vocals
1998     Naturally     West Coast All-Stars     Musician
1998     Restless Heart     Whitesnake     Vocals (Background)
1998     Songs of Dwight Yoakam: Will Sing for Food         Vocals (Background)
1998     These Are Special Times     Céline Dion     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
1998     Wooden Circus     Wooden Circus     Vocals (Background)
1997     All My Wild Oats     Jim Matt     Guest Artist, Vocals (Background), Vocal Harmony
1997     Come on Christmas     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background), Vocal Harmony
1997     Dogs in Heaven     Pete Anderson     Vocals (Background), Musician
1997     Lucky Few     Joy Lynn White     Vocals (Background)
1997     Promise Keepers: The Making of a Godly Man     Promise Keepers     Vocals, Vocal Harmony
1997     The Fire Again     Kim Hill     Vocals (Background)
1997     Three Chords and the Truth     Sara Evans     Vocals (Background)
1997     Under the Covers     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
1997     We Built This City: The Very Best of Starship     Starship     Composer
1997     When You Were Mine     John Waite     Vocals (Background)
1996     America's Music: The Roots of Country         Vocals (Background)
1996     Christmas Country [Warner]         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
1996     Grace of My Heart         Instrumental
1996     I See the Lord     The Maranatha! Singers / Maranatha! Vocal Band     Composer
1996     Live Worship with Promise Keepers and the Maranath     Promise Keepers     Vocals, Soloist
1996     Mickey's Sports Songs     Disney     Vocals, Performer, Primary Artist
1996     Souvenirs     Scott Joss     Vocals (Background)
1995     Christmas Is Jesus     Bryan Duncan     Vocals (Background)
1995     Dwight Live     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
1995     Gone     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
1995     Nobody's Perfect     Danny Tate     Vocals (Background)
1995     Promise Keepers: Raise the Standard, Part 1     Promise Keepers     Vocals
1995     Raise the Standard, Pt. 2     The Maranatha! Singers     Vocals
1995     These Days     Bon Jovi     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1994     Walk On     Boston     Vocals
1994     Whitesnake's Greatest Hits     Whitesnake     Vocals (Background)
1994     Working Class     Pete Anderson     Vocals (Background)
1993     Coverdale/Page     David Coverdale / Coverdale/Page / Jimmy Page     Vocals (Background)
1993     Exposed     Vince Neil     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
1993     Indianism     The Indians     Vocals (Background)
1993     Name Above All Names     Chuck Girard     Vocals (Background)
1993     Native Tongue     Poison     Vocals (Background)
1993     No Time to Kill     Clint Black     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
1993     The Best of Starship [RCA/BMG Special Products]     Starship     Composer
1993     This Time     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
1993     Wake-Up Call     Petra     Vocals (Background)
1992     Break Like the Wind     Spinal Tap     Vocals (Background)
1992     La Croix d'Amour     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals
1992     Mitch Malloy     Mitch Malloy     Vocals (Background)
1992     The American in Me     Steve Forbert     Vocals (Background)
1992     Von Groove     Von Groove     Vocals (Background)
1991     Backlash     Bad English     Vocals (Background)
1991     Ceremony     The Cult     Vocals (Background)
1991     Deadicated: A Tribute to the Grateful Dead         Vocals (Background)
1991     Find Us Faithful     Steve Green     Vocals (Background)
1991     Forbidden Places     Meat Puppets     Vocals (Background)
1991     Greatest Hits: Ten Years & Change 1979-1991     Starship     Composer
1991     Heavy Bones     Heavy Bones     Vocals (Background)
1991     John Andrew Parks     John Andrew Parks     Vocals (Background)
1991     Mane Attraction     White Lion     Vocals (Background)
1991     Right Here     Eddie Money     Vocals (Background)
1991     The Second Decade of Rock and Roll, 1981-1991     REO Speedwagon     Vocals (Background)
1991     The Steve Pryor Band     The Steve Pryor Band     Vocals (Background)
1991     Union     Yes     Vocals
1990     Beth Nielsen Chapman     Beth Nielsen Chapman     Vocals (Background)
1990     Goodnight L.A.     Magnum     Vocals (Background)
1990     Guitar Trouble     Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers     Vocals (Background)
1990     If There Was a Way     Dwight Yoakam     Vocals (Background)
1990     Leader of the Banned     Sam Kinison     Vocals (Background)
1990     Other Voices     Paul Young     Vocals (Background)
1990     Place Like This     Robbie Nevil     Vocals (Background)
1989     Can't Fight the Midnight     Jimmy Harnen     Vocals
1989     Love Among the Cannibals     Starship     Composer
1989     Repeat Offender     Richard Marx     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1989     Slip of the Tongue     Whitesnake     Vocals
1988     Heart's Horizon     Al Jarreau     Vocals (Background)
1988     Hold an Old Friend's Hand     Tiffany     Vocals (Background)
1988     In the City of Angels     Jon Anderson     Vocals (Background)
1988     Lead Me On     Amy Grant     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
1988     Life Sentence to Love     Legal Weapon     Vocals (Background)
1988     New Frontier     New Frontier     Vocals
1988     Nothing to Lose     Eddie Money     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1988     Rock of Life     Rick Springfield     Vocals (Background)
1988     Russell Hitchcock     Russell Hitchcock     Vocals (Background)
1988     Skyscraper     David Lee Roth     Vocals (Background)
1988     The Hits     REO Speedwagon     Vocals (Background)
1988     The Reckoning     Margaret Becker     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1988     Witness     Witness     Vocals
1987     Girls, Girls, Girls     Mötley Crüe     Vocals
1987     I Prefer the Moonlight     Kenny Rogers     Vocals (Background)
1987     No Protection     Starship     Vocals (Background), Composer
1987     No Protection/Love Among The Cannibals     Starship     Composer, Vocals (Background)
1987     Reservations for Two     Dionne Warwick     Vocals (Background)
1987     Tribe     Bernie Taupin     Vocals
1987     Voices [Word]         Performer, Primary Artist
1987     What If     What If     Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Composer
1986     Earth Run     Lee Ritenour     Vocals, Bass
1986     Johnny Comes Marching Home     The Del-Lords     Vocals
1986     Little Shop of Horrors [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]     Howard Ashman     Vocals, Choir/Chorus
1986     No Easy Way Out     Robert Tepper     Vocals (Background)
1986     One on One     Steve Camp     Vocals (Background)
1986     Running Scared [Motion Picture Soundtrack]         Vocals (Background), Performer, Featured Artist
1986     Still Standing     Jason & the Scorchers     Vocals (Background)
1986     Suspicious Heart     Van Stephenson     Vocals (Background)
1986     They Don't Make Them Like They Used To     Kenny Rogers     Vocals (Background)
1985     Ever Call Ready     Ever Call Ready     Guest Artist, Tenor (Vocal)
1985     Finder of Lost Loves     Dionne Warwick     Vocals (Background)
1985     Hold Me     Laura Branigan     Vocals
1985     Manilow     Barry Manilow     Vocals (Background)
1985     Mathematics     Melissa Manchester     Vocals (Background)
1985     Medals     Russ Taff     Vocals (Background)
1985     Skydance     Rodney Franklin     Vocals (Background)
1985     Take No Prisoners     Peabo Bryson     Vocals (Background)
1985     Tao     Rick Springfield     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1985     Unguarded     Amy Grant     Vocals (Background)
1984     Can't Wait All Night     Juice Newton     Vocals, Vocals (Background), Musician
1984     Self Control     Laura Branigan     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1984     Wheels Are Turnin'     REO Speedwagon     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1983     Dirty Looks     Juice Newton     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1983     Eye Contact     Bob Welch     Vocals (Background)
1983     Foreign Affairs     Sharon O'Neill     Vocals (Background)
1983     One More Mile     Jim Messina     Vocals, Vocals (Background), Vocal Harmony, Harmony
1983     Take Another Picture     Quarterflash     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1982     Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet     Rick Springfield     Producer, Vocals (Background)
1982     Trap Door [EP]     T-Bone Burnett     Vocals
1981     Cat Trick     Lauren Wood     Vocals
1981     Maxus     Maxus     Vocals (Background)
1981     Spies of Life     Player     Vocals
1981     Still Feels Good     Tom Johnston     Vocals, Vocals (Background), Musician
1980     Airplay     Airplay     Vocals, Vocals (Background), Interviewee, Group Member
1980     He Who Rides the Tiger     Bernie Taupin     Vocals
1980     Ray Kennedy     Ray Kennedy     Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1980     Restless     Franne Golde     Vocals
1979     I'll Be Thinking of You     Andraé Crouch & His Disciples     Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
1979     Messin' with the Boys     Cherie & Marie Currie     Featured Artist, Vocals, Tambourine, Vocals (Background)
1978     Ever Call Ready     Chris Hillman     Guest Artist, Vocals, Tenor (Vocal)
1978     No Compromise     Keith Green     Choir/Chorus
1974     Lost in a Dream     REO Speedwagon     Engineer
    100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever [Top Xmas Pop Hits]         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    100 Greatest Country (The Best Hits from Nashville and Beyond)         Vocals (Background)
    Chilled Christmas: Cold Winter Anthems         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Christmas Hits: The Best Christmas Pop!         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Christmas Holiday Favourites         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Christmas Songs for the Car         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Christmas [2019]         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Country Classics [Rhino]         Vocals (Background)
    Crimes of the Heart     Martee Lebow     Vocals (Background)
    From the Heart Christmas         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Gift Wrapped, Vol. 3: A Holiday Smörgåsbord         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Greatest Christmas Hits Greatest Xmas Songs [Rhino]         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    L.A. Darkness     AOR     Vocals (Background), Lead, Vocals
    My Obsession     Meri D. Marshall     Vocals (Background)
    Psalms Alive with Rob Mathes     Rob Mathes     Composer
    Top 100 Christmas Songs         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
    Top 100 Xmas Songs         Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)
Collaborated With
    Alan Pasqua
    Bill Champlin
    Dann Huff
    Dusty Wakeman
    Dwight Yoakam
    Larry Williams
    Lenny Castro
    Michael Baird
    Michael Landau
    Pete Anderson
    Skip Edwards
    Tom Kelly

Origin    Hawaii
    R&B funk soul jazz fusion rock Christian pop
Years active    1974–1982, 2005–present
Associated acts  
    George Benson Earth, Wind & Fire Michael Jackson Quincy Jones Harvey Mason
Members    Pauline Wilson
Jerry Hey
Kim Hutchcroft
Ken Wild
Bud Nuañez
Larry Williams
Bob Wilson
Seawind was an American jazz fusion band from Hawaii, consisted of its lead singer Pauline Wilson, guitarist Bud Nuañez, bassist Ken Wild, drummer Bob Wilson, keyboardist and saxophonist Larry Williams, saxophone and flute player Kim Hutchcroft, and trumpeter Jerry Hey. They recorded two albums for CTI Records, one for Horizon Records and one for A&M Records.[1]
A notable part of the band's sound was the "Seawind Horns" (trumpeter Jerry Hey, sax and flute player Kim Hutchcroft, and sax, flute and keyboard player Larry Williams), who went on to provide backing instrumentals and arrangements for performers such as Earth, Wind & Fire, George Benson, Michael Jackson (Thriller, Off the Wall and Bad), Quincy Jones and Mika. Hey left Seawind as a touring member in 1979 but continued as a recording member of the band through 1980. Trumpeter Larry Hall, an original member of the band when they were called "OX", rejoined the group in 2005. Hey and Hall are longtime friends and both are top-call recording session musicians.
When the act signed with A&M, their self-titled album yielded a single called "What Cha Doin'", which became a modest hit on Billboard's Disco/Dance Chart in November 1980, peaking at number 28. It would be the group's only single release.
In 1981, Bob & Pauline Wilson released a contemporary Christian music album, Somebody Loves You, which, although technically not a Seawind album, features the same trademark sound with the same musicians and vocalists. Seawind broke up in 1982, but reunited in 2005 for a Los Angeles concert performance and then began work on a new CD, which took them over three years to complete. Pauline Wilson is the first vocalist from Hawaii to win a Grammy award (singing a duet with George Benson on the album In Harmony – A Sesame Street Record, which won Grammy Award for Best Album for Children in 1979).
In 1995, a Seawind compilation CD Remember was released on Noteworthy Records. Remember includes five tracks recorded during sessions for their never-completed fifth album. Seawind's 2009 CD Reunion was released on Village Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.
Studio albums
Title     Album details     Peak chart positions
US[2]     US R&B[3]
    Released: 1976
    Label: CTI Records
    —     —
Window of a Child   
    Released: 1977
    Label: CTI Records
    122     55
Light the Light   
    Released: 1979
    Label: Horizon Records
    143     —
    Released: 1980
    Label: A&M Records
    83     20
Summer Nights
(with Marlene)
    Released: 1982
    Label: CBS/Sony
    Released: July 7, 2009
    Label: Village Records    —     —
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.
Compilation albums
    1995 – Remember
    1976 – "Make Up Your Mind"
    1977 – "One Sweet Night"
    1979 – "Hold On to Love"
    1980 – "What Cha Doin'"
    1980 – "The Two of Us"

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