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The Ongoing Concept ‎– Saloon (*Pre-Owned CD, 2013, Solid State) Christian Indie Metal Hipster Genious!

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The Ongoing Concept ‎– Saloon (*Pre-Owned CD, 2013, Solid State) Super creative metalcore Christian

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First thing first, this is not your typical metal album. I have no idea what to call this. The Ongoing Concept has finally brought something new to the metal scene with Saloon. Think Maylene and the Sons of Disaster meets The Chariot meets the Black Keys meets He Is Legend. The whole album is a roller coaster ride into so many different genres that it is ridiculous. The harsh vocals are really chaotic, the clean vocals are catchy and different. The weirdest thing is the use of banjos and pianos throughout. The whole album causes images of the Wild West. It is insane. Do yourself a favor and buy this now. It is more than worth it.

1 Let's Deal The Cards Again
Voice – Matthew Butsick
2 Saloon
3 You Are The One
4 Cover Girl
5 Little Situation
6 Sunday's Revival
7 Sidelines
8 Failures & Fakes
9 Like Autumn
10 Class Of Twenty-Ten
11 Goodbye, So Long My Love