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THIEVES & LIARS - AMERICAN ROCK 'N ROLL (*NEW-CD, 2009, Dreamt Music) Elite 70s/80's classic rock!

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THIEVES & LIARS - AMERICAN ROCK 'N ROLL (*CD, 2009, Dreamt Music) 70s/80's classic rock!


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1 American Rock 'N' Roll
2 Let's Rock
3 Walking By My Side
4 Fight Song
5 Till The Walls Fall Down
6 Killed A Man
7 Promised Land
8 Revelation
9 Prodigal Son
10 Charlie

Once again I'm blown away by the simple minds of some Amazon reviewers. Those that complained about the lack of consistency of the first CD by 'Thieves & Liars' just didn't get the point. And those that try to compare this CD to their last, once again, don't get the point. I'm no genius music nerd, but some of these reviewers certainly make me feel that way!

The previous CD by 'Thieves & Liars' was meant as a concept album (which I also review). The problem with concept albums is they take a lot of time and effort to create. To create an original idea (or original point of view as is the concept of "When Dreams Become Reality") and weave it throughout a whole album takes more than a weekend of writing and six hours in a studio. It's a lot of hard work. What "American Rock 'N' Roll" is, is the anti-concept album. I would imagine these tunes were written quickly and recorded even quicker. A kind of 'blowin' off steam' album for 'Thieves & Liars'.

And it comes off great! There are too few quality Christian hard rock CDs. You'll find plenty of classic Christian Hair Bands and high end Christian prog, but the hard rock arena is terribly ignored by good Christian bands. This album rocks hard in places and gives you some cool blues jams in others.

I for one hope 'Thieves & Liars' keeps up this pattern. An 'every other' of one intricate concept album and one simple hard rocker would be just fine with me. I'm not so close minded I can't handle both!