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Thy Majestie ‎– Jeanne D'Arc (*Pre-Owned CD, 2005, Scarlet) Epic Shred Symphonic metal import

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Thy Majestie ‎– Jeanne D'Arc (*Pre-Owned CD, 2005, Scarlet) Symphonic metal import

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I don't know why these guys aren't better known - especially with the release of 'Jean D'Arc', which brings so much to the table in terms of size, scope and musicianship. I know that it is almost impossible not to draw parallels to Rhapsody when you hear these guys, but I think they definitely have something that Rhapsody has been lacking lately - and that is some serious raw shred.

The more I listen to 'Jean D'Arc', the more blown away I am. The symphonic arrangements are very intricate, yet massive, and are balanced by the solid guitar work and drumming. Each track is distinct, richly layered, and represents a different chapter in the story. I like the vocals a lot, too. I read a review (or maybe even several) that criticized the vocalist for his thick accent. I actually think that it makes the music more exotic and interesting - and I'm fine with an Italian guy having an Italian accent. Doesn't bother me that much. (Oh well, they canned him after this album, anyway)

Overall, this is incredible stuff. The production is pretty good, but some of the levels are way off, making certain parts extremely loud and if you listen to this right after listening to another CD, you may want to tone it down a tad. Besides that, we have a prime example of symphonic epic shred metal at its best.

Maiden Of Steel
The Chosen
Ride To Chinon
... For Orleans
Up To The Battle
March Of The Brave
The Rise Of A King
Siege Of Paris
Time To Die
The Trial