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2 Live bonus tracks


Okay, I've reviewed Tourniquet's first two albums and their latest feast... now for my personal favorite :) This album is just a stunning display of musicianship, song writing, arrangements and blending genres -with out selling out! I can't heap enough praise on this album (so, yes I'm biased, get over it)...

I listened to this day after day, week after week when I first got it (I still have the original CD) -this is the remastered version. This is one of the best tech-thrash albums I've ever owned! I wrote in my review for "Psychosurgery" that they reminded me of Watchtower (technically Watchtower was first) and it's so true... there is very little that is "conventional" on this album.

The production, the playing is beyond reproach -you simply gotta get it! It's like Fate's Warning and Watchtower had an equally talented brother who didn't record till a bit later! Get it 'cause if you don't have it, you're missing out my friends!

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1 Impending Embolism 2:05

2 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance 4:26

3 Phantom Limb 5:41

4 Ruminating Virulence 5:31

5 Spectrophobic Dementia 5:16

6 Gelatinous Tubercles Of Purulent Ossification 5:12

7 Incommensurate 5:48

8 Exoskeletons 3:55

9 Theodicy On Trial 4:29

10 Descent Into The Maelstrom 1:32

11 En Hakkore 3:38

12 The Skeezix Dilemma 10:00

13 Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Live 2000)

Bass, Vocals ? Steve Andino

Drums ? Ted Kirkpatrick

Guitar ? Aaron Guerra

Mixed By ? Joey Vera

Vocals ? Luke Easter


14 Bearing Gruesome Cargo/ Drum Solo (Live 2000) 10:30