TYRANT - HEREAFTER (*NEW-CD, 2020, Shadow Kingdom) US Power Metal

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TYRANT - HEREAFTER (*NEW-CD, 2020, Shadow Kingdom) US Power Metal

Released in a 6-panel Digipak.

Shadow Kingdom, who've indeed kept it true since the beginning, reissued Tyrant's first two albums in 2018, furthering that reappraisal and bringing the band's name to an even younger, hungrier generation. The stage was thus set for a grand return... At last, it arrives with 'Hereafter', featuring a Gold coloured CD and Fire Burning Gold with Smoke vinyl, courtesy of truest believers Shadow Kingdom Records. With founding member Greg May on bass along with longtime guitarist Rocky Rockwell and powerhouse drummer Ronnie Wallace, who's been with the band since 2010, Tyrant now feature a significant new addition on vocals: the one and only Rob Lowe, he of Solitude Aeternus and ex-Candlemass fame. His addition proves especially significant given Tyrant's doomier direction on 'Hereafter'. While no doubt sounding like the same band who delivered those two classics on Metal Blade so long ago, the Tyrant of Hereafter conjures forth a classy, ominously melodic style of doom Metal - or at least traditional heavy metal steeped in doom, much like Black Sabbath in the early '80s with Dio and then Ian Gillan on the mic - with each of these 11 mini-epics headbanging forward with power, poise, and a stately sort of grace. Aiding that granite-thick surge is the production of one Bill Metoyer, the legendary producer who's recorded all of Tyrant's albums to date. Evading any sort of ""retro"" moves, Metoyer keeps the sound on 'Hereafter' rich, robust, and above all timeless, just like Tyrant''s ever-unyielding style of metal. Truly, this is the homecoming the legions have been waiting for!

1 Tyrant's Revelation 4 1:01
2 Dancing on Graves 5:05
3 The Darkness Comes 5:25
4 Fire Burns 6:54
5 Hereafter 8:27
6 Pieces of Mine 4:52
7 Until the Day 4:28
8 When the Sky Falls 4:26
9 Bucolic 4:51
10 Beacon the Light 4:03
11 From the Tower 4:03