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VARIOUS - CALIFORNIA METAL VOL 1 (NEW-CD, 1987) Plastic Longbox Christian Metal

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Back in the late 80's I was a new convert, and a friends at church mentioned this albums. I got the cassette from the local Christian bookstore, and when I play it, I felt like I found the perfect music. Barren Cross playing (the anti drug addiction song) 'Deadlock' was already established in the scene. Then the up and comming Guardian's had 2 great song "Marching On" (still me favorite song by them) & "Spiritual Warfare", made melodic glam classics. HERO (a sad case of an excellent band that didn't quite make it), put out 2 of the best songs on this "I Surrender" & "Sing it Out", Mastedon (I consider more a straight up rock band than metal) got "Wasn't It Love". I con't finish this without mentioning Christian thrash metal pioneers Deliverance. This was the first time I heard thrash by a Christian band, and their song 'Attack' blew me through the wall! Their other song "Space called You" was more of a melodic Queenryche styled song. That's what I loved about