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VENGEANCE RISING - ONCE DEAD (*NEW-CD, 2010 Intense Millennium Reissue)

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Where Vengeance Rising's debut 'Human Sacrifice' stormed onto the scene and created quite a stir, 'Once Dead' tightened the thrash attack into a well-oiled machine. While the band's debut was experimental and diverse, 'Once Dead' was a snapshot of a band seasoned by touring and songwriting, with a more consistent approach that capitalized on thrash metal's calling card - velocity. Vengeance Rising's second album is rife with fast, thrashy anthems that take their sound to the next level, ramping up the volume, intensity, and energy even more. When other thrash bands were starting to slow down, Vengeance Rising took the opposite approach for maximum effect. Re-master, new artwork with reversible old school cover art.