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1. Say A Prayer

2. No Second Chances (Bonus Remake Cut)

3. Good Bye Cruel World

4. Amazing Love

5. Fallen

6. Eye To Eye

7. End Of The Line

8. Come Unto The Light

9. Collide

10. I Keep Prayin'

11. Far Away Places

12. Home In Heaven

13. Full Crucifixion

14. It's Already Done


The only flaws in it was that none of the tracks were made earlier than 1994 except for "No Second Chances", made in 1991, and that was a mediocre remix. I also think they should've put "In The Kingdom" on there, as it puts me near tears every time I hear it...Anyway, on to the CD in question. Other than those two flaws, I'm speechless. It's very wonderfully arranged. I could listen to it over and over again and still love it. The best tracks on this CD are "Collide", "Faraway Places", and "Full Crucifixion". I can only make one more comment about it: if you love great rock music, get your hands on this CD one way or will not regret it!