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WIG WAM - WALL STREET (*Pre-Owned CD, 2012, Frontiers) for fans of Def Leppard/Journey

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WIG WAM - WALL STREET (*Pre-Owned CD, 2012, Frontiers) for fans of Def Leppard/Journey

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12 tracks

WIG WAM was founded in 2000 with the concept to have fun
and play music that the band members liked and grew up with.
After 2 years on the road, the band's followers increased rapidly
in their home country of Norway. The band independently
released their first album 667... The Neighbour of The Beast,
but it wasn t until 2005 that WIG WAM would enjoy their major
breakthrough. By being invited to the Eurovision Song Contest,
WIG WAM pulled it off big time.
The single In My Dreams" was released two days after their
victory and went straight to #1 on the national charts, where it
stayed for over 21 weeks and had platinum sales. The re-release
of 667.., titled HARD TO BE A ROCK N ROLLER, stayed
on the charts for 19 weeks and also went platinum.
In 2006, WIG WAM went straight from the road to the studio
and recorded their follow up, "WIG WAMANIA" and the band
went immediately back on the road on their WIG WAMANIA
TOUR, which took them to Japan for the first time.
In 2009 the band released their third studio album NON STOP
ROCK N ROLL, the first WIG WAM album to be released
worldwide at the same time. The Album was a huge success for
the band reaching Gold in Norway.
WALL STREET is the title of WIG WAM s new album. Fans
will not be disappointed as WIG WAM still present them with
classic & catchy choruses. It s melodic hard rock - Blowing your
speakers with full blown rock n roll anthems!