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WIGTOP - REVELATION 1921 (*CD, 1992, Blonde Vinyl) Deitiphobia side project

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WIGTOP - REVELATION 1921 (*CD, 1992, Blonde Vinyl) Deitiphobia side project


1 A Prisoner Chained 4:52

2 Cry Of The Harlot 5:45

3 Spiritdriver 5:28

4 March Of Souls 6:29

5 Morningstar 5:14

6 In The Desert 5:40

7 Revelation 1921 19:21

8 Higher 3:44

9 Harlot (12" Mix) 5:48

10 Revelation ?By The Way? Megamix 6:22

11 Untitled 2:26


There are not enough words in the English language to describe this amazing recording! I "thought" I was daring when it came to accepting new forms of Christian music until my friend gave me a copy of "Revelation 1921". When I first heard it I didn't know "what" to think. It totally caught me by surprise. I was blown away almost into a state of spiritual shock!

There is no doubt that the album's mood and sound reflects an approach to Christian music that is unlike any other Christian music I have "ever" heard before. It has an almost dark, Gothic like sound to it as it conveys the seriousness of mankind's need for a Divine personal Savior from the day a person is born until the return of Jesus Christ. At first listen I thought to myself "either this album is so far off the map or it is as right on with the Salvation and Apocalyptic message of Jesus Christ as any music there ever was. There's no doubt about it.....this recording is a Godsend from Heaven and couldn't be more spiritually inspiring and uplifting:) I have never heard anything like it before and I doubt that I will ever hear anything like it again!

This recording is truly one of a kind! I believe that it stands alone as a Christian recording and that it can "never" be duplicated by anyone else ever again. Even by the two people who wrote and recorded it. It's the most beautiful blend of unique music and sincere faith that I have ever heard and is totally ear catching and heart warming to say the least! It has the power to melt even the hardest of hearts!!! It truly shows how the Holy Spirit of Christ can speak through any form of music in any way or at any time:) This recording quite simply is a testimony to Jesus Christ!!!