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12 Underrated Christian Rock / Metal Albums - You MUST Own!

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12 Albums that rarely get the attention they 100% deserve.  The music is brilliant.  The packaging is elite, but for whatever reason, the album tends to fly under the radar of music fans.  Help us correct this tremendous wrong!  

Here are these 12 TREASURES.....

AFTER ADAM - COSMONAUT COWBOYS (*NEW-CD, 2021, Kivel Records) elite AOR from Justin Murr / Liberty N Justice band!

Our Christian brother, Justin Murr released many Liberty N Justice albums - and contributed to our great AOR / hard rock scene in a million ways!  Unfortunately, Justin was a victim of COVID-19 and now resides with the Holy One.  Proceeds go to Justin's family.  This is a Kivel Records release (so, you know it's elite), and we will have them in stock (hopefully) next week.  

PEACEMAKER - CONCRETE & TERROR (*NEW-CD, 2018, Brutal Planet Records) Tango Down/Metal Church/TSO members

Featuring a true ALL-STAR CAST - including the one and only Ronny Munroe (TSO and Metal Church vocalist).  This one is hard to beat - full on HEAVY METAL as it was intended to kick some major %$#@!  Essential.  Few people even know this exists.  Be one of the luck ones.

LOYD BOLDMAN (Prodigal vocalist) - SLEEP WITHOUT DREAMS (30th Anniversary Edition) (*NEW-CD, 2018, Retroactive)

Loyd was THE VOICE behind essential Christian rockers, PRODIGAL (their three albums are required purchases - all three).  Loyd's lyrics are second to none.  Before Retroactive was lucky enough to license this reissue, it was only available as an independent cassette only release from the 80's!  For fans of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, and especially Rich Mullins!

INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION (*NEW-2 CD Set, 2020, Retroactive) Rare 90's Industrial Metal featuring Wally Shaw (Deitiphobia) & Oatmeal (Red Ink)

We are SUCKAS for 90's aggressive industrial METAL in the vein of Circle of Dust and Nine Inch Nails.  You get 2 CDs worth of elite underground industrial metal.  I think you hear it calling you.....I know I do!  

(Randy Rose) MOTHERSHIP - ROCKSTAR (*NEW-CD, 2002, Hindenburg Records) RANDY ROSE band

First, we are enormous fans of Randy's solo work - much of which sounds like Danzig).  We also LOVE his work in MAD AT THE WORLD.  But this rare, independent release is AMAZING - especially if you like bands such as The Strokes, The White Stripes, Anberlin, and The Raconteers.  Brilliant melodic rock. Period.  Essential.  

BILL MASON BAND - NO SHAM! (Legends Remastered) (1979/2011) CD for fans of The Clash!

One of our favorite reissues of all time is this little know 1979 punk release by The Bill Mason Band!  Wow!  The band was literally contemporaries with The Clash and The Ramones.  Same back yard and the music to match them chord for chord and slam dance for slam dance.  It's better than you think.  Even if you think it's THAT's literally BETTER!  Stop depriving yourself now, and git this!

DENY THE FALLEN - SYMPTOMS OF ETERNITY (*NEW-CD, 2020, Retroactive Records) Oz Fox / Rey Parra Sacred Warrior vocalist/guitarist

Heavy Melodic Metal that will appeal to fans of Sacred Warrior, Queenryche, and more.  It even features OZ FOX (Stryper) on one track.  New bands sometimes get ignored in preference for the classic known bands - don't let this one slip by you - it's too dang good for that!

GODMAN - HYPOSTATIC UNION (*NEW-CD, 2020, Bombworks Records) Tiago (Perpetual Paranoia) Jonathan Johnson (Sacred Warrior/Deny the Fallen).

METAL. HEAVY METAL.  In your face METAL.  Mean metal.  Hopeful Metal.  Are you feeling the theme here?  METAL???!!!  Yep. One listen and we knew we had to sign this band. ENJOY!  

JIMMY P. BROWN II’s - ERASERHEAD (CD and Super-Cool Volcano Aqua Vinyl)

Literally, one of our favorite albums.  It builds on the creative years of DELIVERANCE (River, Learn, Camelot, Stay) and creates a landscape of melody and riffs that will have you searching for new undies.  Don't say we didn't warn you.  Jimmy is a musical genius.  CD and Vinyl are both essential.  

JUPITER VI - MOVEABLE WALLS (*NEW-CD, 2014, Roxx) Jimmy Brown/ Deliverance prog rock masterpiece!

This might be THE most important album on this list.  If you like progressive rock bands like classic Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, and Rush - well, fight your little sister for her allowance and buy this CD.  It fails to draw the attention of DELIVERANCE releases, but it's literally one of Jimmy Brown's most important music moments ever.  It is pure brilliance.  

ADRIANGALE - CRUNCH (featuring Jamie Rowe of Guardian!) (*NEW-CD) Like Old School Guardian!

Another Kivel Records release (quality, quality, more quality).  If you like the first two / three Guardian releases and miss the days of 80's AOR and metal Guardian - then buckle UP Bucky!  CRUNCH is as fun as the Mr. Freeze roller coaster at Six-Flags! 

BRIDE - DROP (25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) CD Remastered, Legends of Rock

Almost universally PANNED when it was released.  It turns out Bride actually got it right - actually - REALLY, right with their release of DROP.  It was us (their fans) that needed time to GROW UP and appreciate some of the most tasteful, innovative Christian rock music to release in the mid 90's.  Few albums have endured and matured as well as DROP.  Maybe none.  In our book, DROP is one of the bands brighter moments, and most of their moments are already super-bright!  Essential.  

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boldman cd
Industrial Evolution
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