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PHIL KEAGGY - WHAT A DAY (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)(*NEW 3-CD SET, 2023, Retroactive) *Remastered *ORDERS LAUNCH FRIDAY NOV 10th 8AM CST

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PHIL KEAGGY - WHAT A DAY (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)(*NEW 3-CD SET, 2023, Retroactive) *Remastered

*On Sale for Just $29.97 each!


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We were thrilled when Phil Keaggy's camp reached out to us to tell us about the new reissue of Keaggy's 1973 "What a Day" 3-CD Set.  Once they explained how much care and attention had been poured into such an historic release, we were hoping we would get a chance to team up with them to provide fans with one of the most important releases to ever come out in CCM/Christian music. When it was decided we would team up, everyone at Retroactive Records and Boone's Overstock did the happy dance - and then of course, we launched into a Keaggy inspired air-guitar solo!  It's hard to believe it's been 50 years since this classic album was released.   

We expect to have the CDs in our hands and shipping by 11/14/2023 - so you won't have to wait long, if at all.  

Go ahead and scroll down to read all about what makes this 3-CD Set a Collector's Dream - thanks to Phil and Tom Gulotta for putting more effort into this release than most artists get with their entire catalog. It's that special.

Oh, and by the time orders launch, we hope to have as many as 40 or 50 Vinyl and CD Keaggy Collectibles as well!  

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Release Date:  November 14th, 2024, or before

PHIL KEAGGY - WHAT A DAY (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)(*NEW 3-CD SET, 2023, Retroactive) *Remastered

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  • Disc OneOriginal album remastered by original engineer and co-producer Gary Hedden
  • Disc Two (In The Studio)- Alternate mixes, outtakes, instrumental mixes and other found treasures from the original multi-track recordings
  • Disc Three (Demos & Outtakes)- 20 acoustic demos from 1970-1972 that were recorded by Phil on cassette tapes as possible tracks for his first solo album. Many demos of songs that made it on the album and many that didn’t and never found a home until now.
  • 40-page booklet with liner notes by Phil himself, co-producer Gary Hedden and project supervisor Tom Gulotta, plus an essay by acclaimed author and Chesterton biographer Kevin Belmonte. Includes dozens of newly discovered, never-before-seen photos from the original photo shoots for the album by Bob Combs.
  • Deluxe O-ring wraps around the 8-panel digipak 
  • Originally released in 1973
  • He first gained fame as lead guitarist for the now-legendary band Glass Harp

3 CD Set

The early days of Jesus Music wouldn't have been the same without the remarkable presence of Phil Keaggy. While he was already making waves in Christian-themed music with Glass Harp, it was his debut solo album, "What A Day," that truly solidified his status as a beloved singer-songwriter and an unassuming guitar virtuoso within Christian music circles. The album's significance in the realm of Christian rock and CCM is undeniable, placing it alongside other timeless classics from the era.

Now, celebrating its 50th anniversary, the "What A Day" Deluxe Edition is a testament to the enduring magic of this musical gem. Remastered by the original engineer and co-producer, Gary Hedden, Disc One presents the pristine original album, letting listeners rediscover the soul-stirring fusion of acoustic and electric soft rock, where intricate chords interweave with beautiful flowing melodies. But the enchantment doesn't stop there. Disc Two takes you behind the studio curtains, unveiling 16 alternative mixes, outtakes, and instrumental versions meticulously crafted in 2023 from the original multi-track recordings. These hidden treasures breathe fresh life into Keaggy's classic compositions.

As if that weren't enough, Disc Three offers a time capsule with 20 acoustic demos and outtakes from 1970-1972, recorded on cassette tapes by Phil himself. This raw, unvarnished glimpse into the genesis of songs that would later become cherished classics, along with those hidden gems, adds a new dimension to the album's history.

This limited Deluxe Edition also includes a 40-page booklet, offering a peek into the past with an abundance of never-before-seen photographs from the original "What A Day" photo shoot by Bob Combs. The liner notes provide invaluable insights from Phil himself, co-producer Gary Hedden, and project supervisor Tom Gulotta. Additionally, acclaimed author and Chesterton biographer Kevin Belmonte shares a heartfelt essay. The entire collection is thoughtfully presented in an 8-panel digipak, wrapped in a cardboard O-ring, reflecting Retroactive Records' commitment to delivering the ultimate collector's experience.

The 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of "What A Day" is a fan's dream come true, a musical time capsule that encapsulates Phil Keaggy's unparalleled artistry. Don't miss the chance to secure your copy of this extraordinary release, because it's everything you could ever wish for in a single, comprehensive package.


Disc 1 What A Day (Remastered)
1. That Is What The Lord Will Do For You
2. King Of The Jews
3. Walking With Our Lord
4. A Time And A Place
5. Rejoice
6. What A Day
7. Now I Can See
8. Behold, All Things Become New
9. Hallelujah
10. I Will Sing

Disc 2 What A Day (In The Studio 2023)
1. That Is What The Lord Will Do For You (Alt. Mix)
2. King Of The Jews (Alt. Extended Mix)
3. Walking With Our Lord (Instr. Mix)
4. A Time And A Place (Alt. Mix)
5. Rejoice (Alt. Mix)
6. What A Day (Instr. Mix)
7. What A Day (End Tag v.1)
8. What A Day (End Tag v.2)
9. Now I Can See (Alt. Mix)
10. Behold All Things Become New (Acoustic Mix)
11. Hallelujah (Instr. Mix)
12. Hallelujah (Vocal Mix)
13. I Will Sing (Instr. Mix)
14. Psalm 98 (Instr. Outtake)
15. Children At Play (Instr. Outtake)
16. “Original Idea” (Outtake)

Disc 3 What A Day (Demos & Outtakes)
1. That Is What The Lord Will Do For You
2. Walking With Our Lord
3. Rejoice
4. What A Day
5. Now I Can See/I Shall Not Be Moved
6. Behold, All Things Become New
7. Hallelujah
8. I Will Sing
9. He Is Risen
10. Give Thanks
11. Taste And See
12. Heaven Is Home
13. Unchanging Love For You
14. Field Of Flowers
15. Happy Are We
16. Sweet Dreams Tonight
17. Voice Of God Call Out
18. I Believe (excerpt)
19. With You
20. Lovely Jesus


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