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Top 5 Christian Heavy Metal Albums

Posted by Matthew Hunt on

Sometimes you come across albums so great, you HAVE to tell people about them!  We have chosen five classic heavy metal albums that are five of the best ever.  Yes, they are that good! You might disagree and if you do, share with us who your top five might be!  These five are worthy, if you ask us!  

We want o be clear that we intentionally veered away from hard rock, or thrash, or death metal. We stayed true to power metal, progressive metal and the like.  These are traditional heavy metal albums you can be proud to own from beginning to end. 

As an added bonus, we have discounted all five in price at least a few dollars!  So, so big and add to your collection of essential Christian metal albums!

Jacobs Dream

JACOB'S DREAM - BENEATH THE SHADOWS (CD, 2009, Retroactive) $7.80 SALE

Jacobs Dream quickly rose to the top of the global Progressive Metal heap with their astounding 2001 self-titled debut and the 2003 follow up release Theater Of War. Metal scribes around the globe likened the band as a more powerful Queensryche and Maiden-esque in the Powerslave era. After releasing three classic power/prog metal masterpieces on the immortal Metal Blade Records, the band took some time off and now returns several years later with their comeback release on Retroactive Records.

Beneath the Shadows is a concept album based on a story written by vocalist, Chaz Bond. The theme of the album is an intriguing tale, centering around the choices, experiences and decisions of Camren, the main character, who struggles to find his way in and out of darkness and into the light.

Bond is a critically acclaimed vocalist in the prog/power metal genre and often compared to Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), and Jimmy Brown (Deliverance). The soaring vocal melodies are hook-filled and charismatic. The guitar work is thick, powerful metal, filled with great riffs and hooks. Look no further for powerful, intelligent lyrics and top notch METAL!

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Bloodgood - Detonation

BLOODGOOD - DETONATION (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2024, Retroactive Records) Remastered Christian Metal Classic! $14.97 SALE

Along with Barren Cross, Stryper, and Resurrection Band, the Seattle-based Bloodgood (formed in 1985) pioneered the sounds of Christian hard rock with a commercial success that bands like Jerusalem and Barnabas had only hinted at achieving. Bloodgood had the look and the sound - dressing in spandex and churning out loud, heavy metal music on the order of Twisted Sister, Ratt, and Quiet Riot. On Detonation, the band takes a heavier, more aggressive approach. This is straightforward traditional heavy metal at its finest. In addition, Detonation finds Bloodgood coming into its own as songwriters, delivering some of the most exquisite compositions of its career, many which remain concert staples to this day. Opening tracks “Battle Of The Flesh,” “Vagrant People,” and “Self-Destruction” hit hard and fast – almost approaching speed metal territory – but reflect the musical maturity focused bands make between their first and second albums. The semi-ballad “Alone In Suicide,” bluesy “Heartbeat (Of The City)” and catchy “Eat The Flesh” might take a more melodic heading but still showcase the trademark crunch characteristic of early Bloodgood. Where Bloodgood puts it all together is the joining of power and emotion that is the theatrical “rock opera” of “Crucified” (as blistering a track as you will find) and “Messiah” (this one almost approaches melodic hard rock territory). The best way to sum up would be to state that Detonation placed #8 in a poll in Heaven’s Metal Magazine of the top 100 Christian metal albums of all time. It also placed #15 in another poll of the top 100 Christian metal albums (Christian Metal Realm). It is such respect from critics and fans alike that allows the album to ultimately stand the test of time and be considered Bloodgood’s signature release. The 2024 Retroactive Records GoldMax Gold CD reissue is a Collector’s Dream for such an important album - featuring a complete 2024 remaster by Rob Colwell (Deliverance, King’s X, Vengeance Rising), a deluxe 12-page booklet (featuring original cover art), with its jewel case wrapped in the Gold Disc cardboard O-ring for added elegance and protection. The O-ring features the classic image of the band running out of the castle (back of the original artwork). Limited to just 500 copies, trust us - this explosive reissue will blow you away! Boom!

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Haven CD

HAVEN - YOUR DYING DAY (Retroarchives Edition) (CD, Retroactive, 2012) $9.97 SALE

****ALSO AVAILABLE ON BLACK VINYL $29.97 (Last copies!)

Haven was a Christian Heavy Metal band from the United States that released Your Dying Day on the legendary R.E.X. Records in 1990. The album was, and still is, an example of a Christian band getting it right in terms of releasing music that stood apart from other heavy metal bands through their artful progressive bent. This debut release showed its impact immediately by transcending the metal label, while sealing the band's reputation for cerebral compositions. The 80's metal scene celebrated excessive use of drugs and alcohol, and that influence resulted in alienation and hardship. Those hardships would open the gateway to Grunge and Alternative - but in 1990 we weren't there just yet! Queensryche set the bar for metal that moved beyond cliche' with 1988's Operation Mindcrime. Your Dying Day, is a stellar brand of progressive power metal with subtle thrash influences that provided musical and spiritual depth in the face of cultural shallowness. It was the perfect album, released at just the right time. This Retroarchives Edition released on Retroactive Records in 2012 and is packaged in a 4 panel, full color digipak. For fans of Deliverance, Recon, Sacred Warrior, and Queensryche! 01 On Judgment Day 02 Deliver Me 03 Murder 04 Below The Grave 05 The Calling 06 America 07 Escape 08 Help Me Follow 09 I Found Love 10 Your Dying Day

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Sacred Warrior CD

SACRED WARRIOR - MASTER'S COMMAND + Trading Card (Gold Disc Edition CD, 2020, Retroactive) Jewel Case 2020 Remaster $14.97 SALE

  • Includes a Sacred Warrior trading card with a gold foil stamp, exclusive to this release. 
  • #36 on Angelic Warlord's Top 50 Albums of the 80's (90% Rating)
  • #45 on the Christian Metal Realm's Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All-Time
  • Features guest appearance from Vengeance alum, Larry Farkas and Roger Martinez
  • First time reissued in a jewel case
  • Features a 12-page insert booklet
  • Gold Disc CD (a disc rot deterrent)
  • Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound (2020)
  • Artwork and layout by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal
  • Photo collage of rare band pics
  • Readable lyric panels
  • Part of the exclusive METAL ICON SERIES (Retroactive Records)
  • Includes a four paragraph album write-up
  • Limited to just a 500 CD pressing

There’s something about ‘Ryche influenced power metal that makes hard music devotees go weak in the knees. Perhaps it is the high-end, soaring and at times operatic lead vocals not unlike those of revered Queensrÿche front man Geoff Tate. Maybe it is a technical proclivity rooted in the power metal aesthetic that also suggests of light progressive bearings. It might also be a high level of musicianship found in a guitarist both melodic and searing, intricate double bass drummer, bassist that lays the detailed low-end foundation and keyboardist that underscores but not to a fault. With Sacred Warrior, it is all of the above in light of its dark but sophisticated take on the power metal form.

1989's Master’s Command displays the band in better form from a technical perspective, with chops well-honed from time on the road. While backing away from the power metal of their debut, the album is a strong collection of hard rock songs and includes the more melodic tracks “Paradise” and “Beyond the Mountain,” which season the heavy sound with catchy hooks and memorable choruses. “The Flood” offers a vocal duet between Parra and Roger Martinez (of Vengeance). The album closes with what most consider to be its highlight, a heavy metal version of the traditional hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.” 

Few albums could legitimately be the greatest Christian metal album of all-time.  Master's Command is a contender to such a lofty throne.  It's that good.  And, Retroactive Records has done everything possible to make this the ULTIMATE CD reissue of one of the ultimate Christian metal albums ever. The album has been digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, packaged in a 12-page booklet/jewel case, and comes on an elite Gold Disc CD.

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Final Axe - Beyond Hell's Gate

FINAL AXE - BEYOND HELL'S GATE (*NEW-CD, 2023) Only 300 Copies / Epic Power Metal / Robert Sweet Stryper $11.97 SALE

  • Featuring Robert Sweet (Stryper) on drums
  • Includes a special drum track called Area 51 and is the first drum solo by Robert Sweet (Stryper) since the Roxx Regime demo!
  • -Originally recorded 1989
  • -Features original album cover art
  • -Originally released in 2005 with only a drum machine as percussion
  • -2023 reissue features 2010 audio that was remixed and partially re-recorded
  • -Features three bonus tracks
  • -Limited to just 300 CD copies world-wide / jewel case / booklet with lyrics
  • -2023 Remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • -Called an “essential purchase” by Angelic Warlord Reviews
  • -Part of the elite Metal Icon Series on Retroactive Records

Cliffy, lead guitarist of Main Line Riders had the following to say about Robert Sweet’s (Stryper) performance:
“If you ever thought drums don't make a difference then I invite you to check this out and prove to yourself how wrong you were. Robert makes such a difference on this album that you'll swear you've never heard it before.”

Beyond Hell’s Gate specializes in profound hooks, speedy riffing, shredding guitars and a full on heavy metal assault. This heavy metal classic was originally recorded in 1989 but never released until 2005 (limited to just 1000 copies!). It was then reissued as a 2010 Collector's Edition on Retroactive Records and featured new artwork, while the music was remixed and partially re-recorded. Retroactive Records and fans of the band are eternally grateful to the amazing Robert Sweet (Stryper) for providing real drums on this 2010/2023 version (the original features only a drum machine). We asked him to - really let lose - and to - "drum like you always wanted to" - with no restrictions - and that's exactly what he did! The result is a world-class heavy metal release with drums by a bonafide superstar! In addition, there are three tracks included on the Collectors Edition that did not appear on the 2005 release – an Intro track, an Outro track (both instrumental) but the real gem is the ROBERT SWEET Drum Solo entitled Area 51! This is the very first Robert Sweet drum solo (studio recorded) released since the legendary ROXX REGIME demo! Remastered in 2023 by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound and featuring three instrumental bonus tracks, this is the definitive release of this revered classic. Packaged in an 8-page booklet inside of a collector's jewel case, fans are also treated to an historic write up about the band and album by White Throne's Keven Crothers! Don’t expect candy-coated glam metal here. Final Axe specializes in big, neck bulging, fist extending, righteous riffs. Limited to just 300 CDs. For fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Armored Saint, and early Bloodgood! Enjoy!

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  • My top five would be Tourniquet’s “Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance”, Deliverance’s “Self-Titled” debut, Bride’s “Snakes In The Playground”, and Bloodgood’s “All Stand Together”, with Guardian’s “Fire and Love” and Holy Soldier’s “Self-titled” debut tied for the last spot

    Terry Miller on

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