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(BLOG) PERPETUAL PARANOIA - THE WAVE CD PRE-ORDER & Album Info - Dale & Troy Thompson (Bride)/Oz Fox (Stryper)

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*** This is a Pre-Order set to release on or before MAY 19th, 2023.

***PRE-ORDERS will be launched at on Friday April 14th, 8pm 2023

Take advantage of the Special Pre-Order Price of just $9.97 for a limited time!

PERPETUAL PARANOIA - THE WAVE (*NEW-CD, 2023, Retroactive) Dale Thompson/Bride! Masterful guitars!

RRCD1666 Perpetual Paranoia - The Wave 637405142976 

  • Features Dale Thompson, vocalist for BRIDE!
  • Features one of the most prolific and exciting guitarists of the 2020's - the brilliant and creative Tiago James de Souza!
  • Each CD contains a Perpetual Paranoia Collector card
  • Track 8 features Oz Fox of Stryper and his wicked guitar solo!
  • Track 11 features a violin solo and guitar solo by Bride's Troy Thompson
  • The fourth Perpetual Paranoia album to release, and fourth on Retroactive Records
  • A hybrid of modern metal with progressive thrash powered by the anthemic riffing of Tiago and next level vocals of Dale Thompson!
  • 6 panel digiwallet 
  • Limited to just 300 copies

The fourth Perpetual Paranoia album to release, and the fourth on Retroactive Records. Expect a hybrid of modern metal with progressive thrash powered by the anthemic riffing of Tiago and next level vocals of Dale Thompson! Perpetual Paranoia is progressive metal of the highest order.  No - not like traditional prog metal - but it builds and builds and builds, and then yes - hammer-time!  It's an adventure filled with unexpected twists, turns, and musical brilliance.  It is truly the heart and soul of both Dale and Tiago, and it cannot be recommended highly enough for fans of heavy metal and thrash.  All four albums are works of art, but The Wave shows a depth, maturity, and courageousness found in only the very best of the very best.  This is it. The Wave also features a host of special guest artists, including a guitar solo from Oz Fox (Stryper) and a violin solo & guitar solo from Troy Thompson (Bride

The Wave
Everybody's Gone
Up the Golden Shore
Flesh N Metal
About to Crack the Sky (featuring Oz Fox of Stryper guitar solo)
We Are the Few
Burn For Glory
Unjust & the Just (featuring Troy Thompson of Bride violin & guitar solo)
God Hates A Coward
Fourth Revolution

Immortal/The Wave/Everybody's Gone/Cornerstone/Up the Golden Shore/Flesh N Metal/Travail/About to Crack the Sky/We Are the Few/Burn For Glory/Unjust & the Just/God Hates A Coward/Fourth Revolution


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