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TITANIC - FULL STEAM AHEAD (CD, 2007, Retroactive) Stryper/Robert Sweet

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After releasing two revered metal classics (1995/2000 Maiden Voyage and 2002 Screaming In Silence) Titanic is back to recapture their heavy weight status with Full Steam Ahead! Guitarist Bill Menchen (Seventh Power/Final Axe) is a bonafide shredder, and new vocalist, David St. Martins has no problem sailing Titanic to the next level! The new album stays the course, offering 10 new tracks of Heavy Metal anthems not to be missed by fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saint. As an added bonus, tracks 11 and 12 are re-recorded songs from Maiden Voyage, featuring Stryper's Robert Sweet on drums! 1 shovel the coal 2 dead men's bones 3 deep down 4 captain of the ship 5 holy ground 6 sons of thunder 7 upon the cross 8 the wind 9 wisdom 10 the sea 11 nightmare (bonus featuring Robert Sweet) 12 come home (bonus featuring Robert Sweet)

1 Shovel The Coal 3:59
2 Dead Mens Bones 3:12
3 Deep Down 3:13
4 Captain Of The Ship 4:28
5 Holy Ground 3:05
6 Sons Of Thunder 3:16
7 Upon The Cross 3:02
8 The Wind 3:59
9 Wisdom 3:30
10 The Sea 3:38
Bonus Tracks
11 Nightmare 2:56
12 Come Home 2:38