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ANTESTOR - OMEN (*NEW-CD, Bombworks) Christian Black Metal!

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ANTESTOR - OMEN (Bombworks) CD

1 Treacherous Domain 5:33
2 Unchained 3:56
3 In Solitude 4:34
4 The Kindling 5:25
5 Remnants 6:01
6 All Towers Must Fall 6:48
7 Torn Apart 4:19
8 Tilflukt 3:42
9 Benighted 4:52
10 Mørkets Grøde


Yes... I've heard a few people say they didnt care for this album, they have said: its "to commercial"- Well, first of all, how "commercial" is Black Metal anyway?!?! ...not very. Secondly, there's a lot of this Black Metal out there these days and in my opinion, alot of it is just plain boaring. I mean lets face it, alot of this stuff sounds Exactly the same, its usually hard to tell one band from another- the extreme distortion, ambiance, blast beats, grind or screeching vocals, and so on...But, the thing about ANTESTOR- Its Classy. Really, Its classy black metal. They do it tastefully. Just when you think, this all sounds the same, they throw in some off the wall cello-violin-sitar-vocal arrangement/acoustical piece with some bizare off time drum pattern. Their guitar riffs always catch me. I keep playing certain tracks over and over...Excellent, tasteful, and interesting; thats the KEY- INTERESTING. Antestor keep it interesting. No, I don't have alot of black metal, most of what I have is actually considered "White" or "Unblack" metal: ANTESTOR, SLECHTVALK, A HILL TO DIE UPON, KEKAL, EXTOL, LENGSEL, SANCTIFICA, PANTOKRATOR, ELUVEITIE, ADMONISH, RENASCENT, SYMPATHY and thats pretty much all I really like in this particular Genre. But friends, ANTESTOR is very much a leader in the pack. If you like Doom/Norweigen/black metal style music, and say you dont like Antestor, your either a moron, a liar or just mad that they believe the Bible. They are superb at what they do... Try to imagine a cover band performing KISS songs. Now Imagine KISS doing KISS songs. Nothing is better than the real thing. Antestor is the real thing. Real Music. Real message. Real Hard. Real Fast. Real Interesting. Real Metal.