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MY RUIN - THE HORROR OF BEAUTY (*NEW-BLOOD MOON RED VINYL, 2024, Brutal Planet Records) elite sludgy-gothic thrashy METAL!

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MY RUIN - THE HORROR OF BEAUTY (*NEW-BLOOD MOON RED VINYL, 2024, Brutal Planet Records) elite sludgy-gothic thrashy METAL!


BPV1648 MY RUIN - THE HORROR OF BEAUTY Vinyl 637405141009

  • Originally released 2003, Century Media Records
  • Officially licensed 
  • Almost 27,000 monthly listener on Spotify
  • Elite cover of PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me" to close album
  • 14 amazing tracks
  • Part of Limited Run Vinyl
  • Limited to just 300 units / Blood-Moon Red color variant
  • Includes 12x12 full color lyrics insert w band pics
  • Master for Vinyl by Rob Colwell (In This Moment, Iwrestledabeaonce, Voivod)

My Ruin's 2003 release originally on Century Media Records, "The Horror of Beauty," is an incredible album that surpasses the band's previous efforts morphing from a nu-metal band into a stoner/groove/heavy/sludgy/thrashy metal treatise! What makes this album unique is its raw, guttural quality; best described as a slice of heavy metal shamelessly dipped in sludge and skinned to the bone. In addition, all of the tracks are delicately held together by the eerie aura of a Hollywood silent film. As Mick Murphy's guitar strings quiver and throb, Meghan Mattox's bass stalks the fleeting silence. Tairrie B. relies on her bloodcurdling scream to assault audiences with her unapologetic lyrics. She attacks MTV and teen magazines, both of which present a disgustingly shallow ideal of physical perfection. This album treats treats fans to a generous slew of audio highlights. The instrumental "Stage Fright" is the record's ominous overture; it casts a blood-red spotlight onto the barren stage of an underground theatre, setting the tone for the drama that follows. Then, a jolt of adrenaline kicks in with the band's single "Made to Measure," a personal song that addresses the unbearable pressures for women to be trimmed and flawless. "American Psycho" emits a claustrophobic blackness; tortured by fits of anxiety, Tairrie seems to present herself as a killer of Hollywood "stars." "Spitfire" is a merciless release of fiery rage against My Ruin's former record label. "Burn the Witch" is a slow, slithering track where Tairrie extends her middle finger towards all of the "perfect" girls; the ones who earn popularity with their looks instead of their intelligence. In the fast-paced "Nazimova," (dedicated to the film star of the same name) the shrieking frontwoman proudly declares herself as the vamp; a woman who refuses to compromise herself for the sake of impressing the mainstream crowd. In "Weightless," Miss B. angrily brings up the sensitive subject of her own weight- sickened by how society tolerates stereotypic images of women who are either "fat" or "thin." "Get Pretty" addresses the beauty issue with even more alarming detail. In this blistering track, Miss B. tackles the horrible fear of being "ugly." While tearing down America's wall of silicone and plastic, the band decries the unfairness of how "pretty girls" are popular while "ugly girls" are rejected by society. We confirm that "The Horror of Beauty" is gorgeous in its brutality. Buy it. Plastic parts aren't included. The 2024 Brutal Planet Records reissue is the first time "The Horror of Beauty" is available on Vinyl. Fans are treated to just 300 copies pressed on Blood-Red Moon Vinyl, with a 12x12 full color lyrics insert, and it's all been mastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell (In This Moment, Nevermore, Sleeping Giant, Art of Anarchy). 

Stage Fright
Made To Measure
American Psycho
Burn The Witch
Radio Silence
Hot In The House Of God
Ten Minutes To Hollywood
Get Pretty
Rid Of Me

Stage Fright/Made To Measure/American Psycho/Spitfire/Burn The Witch/Radio Silence/Hot In The House Of God/Nazimova/Stinkface/Weightless/Bravenet/Ten Minutes To Hollywood/Get Pretty/Rid Of Me