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VIKING - DO OR DIE (CD, 2024, Brutal Planet) *Must-have 80's THRASH/SPEED Metal!

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VIKING - Do or Die (CD Reissue)

Label: Brutal Planet Records
Series: Metal Icon Series
Remastered By: Rob Colwell
Format: Jewel Case, 12-Panel Booklet
Tracks: 9 Original Tracks
Product IDBPCD1651

Band Lineup:

  • Ron Daniel: Vocals
  • Brett Eriksen: Guitar
  • James Lareau: Bass
  • Matt Jordan: Drums


  • Limited to just 500 CDs!
  • Originally released 1988, Metal Blade Records
  • Officially licensed 
  • 12-page booklets with band pics/lyrics, jewel case
  • Remastered by Rob Cowell (Coroner, Sacrifice, Believer, Nevermore)
  • Brett Eriksen, the guitarist for VIKING, went on to join Dark Angel.
  • After VIKING disbanded, drummer Gene Hoglan, who had a brief stint with VIKING, became a highly sought-after drummer and played with numerous bands, including Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, and Dethklok.

Originally formed in 1986, VIKING quickly became a significant force in the thrash metal scene, particularly in Los Angeles. Their debut album, "Do or Die," released in 1988 through Metal Blade Records, is a raw and aggressive thrash metal record that captures the intensity and energy of the genre during that era. This reissue, part of Brutal Planet Records' exclusive Metal Icon Series, has been meticulously remastered by Rob Colwell to enhance the album's sonic quality while preserving its original ferocity. The reissue features a 12-panel booklet filled with band photos, lyrics, and liner notes that provide a deeper insight into the band's early days and the making of "Do or Die," housed in a jewel case for both longtime fans and new listeners to fully appreciate the album's legacy. "Do or Die" remains a cornerstone of the LA thrash scene, alongside contemporaries such as Dark Angel, Hirax, Heretic, and EvilDead. The guitarist of VIKING went on to join thrash legends, Dark Angel (1991, Time Does Not Heal), further cementing their impact on the genre. This reissue not only honors the original release but also celebrates the enduring legacy of VIKING, ensuring that their music continues to resonate with fans old and new. If you love thrash then you must buy "Do or Die" as it is a truly great thrash metal album. It is one of the most intense thrash metal albums you will hear - up there with Slayer, Exodus and Dark Angel, making this must-have for collectors!


  1. Warlord
  2. Do or Die
  3. Burning From Within
  4. Berserker
  5. Iron Mask
  6. Valhalla
  7. Militia of Death
  8. Prelude/Scavenger
  9. Hellbound

Warlord/Do or Die/Burning From Within/Berserker/Iron Mask/Valhalla/Militia of Death/Prelude~Scavenger/Hellbound