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DANIEL BAND - ON ROCK: COLLECTOR'S EDITION + 2 Bonus (*NEW-CD, 1982/2010, Retroactive)

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  • 1982 classic rock release
  • 2010 CD reissue with two bonus tracks
  • One of the earliest Christian hard rock releases ever
  • A treasured Christian rock classic
  • Remastered to perfection

Product ID: RAR7897 / Barcode:  845121017861

Released 2010 on Retroactive Records.

Tracks: 13. Packaging: 4 panel jewel case. In 1982 Daniel Band burst on the scene with their song "I'm Sorry", the lead single from their debut album, On Rock. Daniel Band was one of the very first hard rock/metal bands with a Christian message. This debut was raw and full of energy that expanded the scope of hard music in the church. In 1982, there were 4 hard rock bands with a Christian message that could be found in your local bookstore. There was Jerusalem, Rez Band, Petra, Barnabas - and now Daniel Band. Christian rockers thought they'd found pure gold in Daniel Band. With those Geddy Lee (Rush) vibes and the wild and dirty guitar tones (ala Ted Nugent, early Kiss, AC/DC) throughout the album, fans knew they had something special with On Rock. This 2010 Collector's Edition has been digitally remastered (far better than the 2001 reissue on Magdalene Records) and features two brand new songs, "It All Turns To Rain" and "I Give You All", recorded by the band in 2009 specifically for this special release! To commemorate this classic album, retroactive Records asked Christian hard rock/metal historian Keven Crothers (White Throne Blog) to reflect on the significance of this historic album in the liner notes. Long out of print and hard-to-find, now is your chance to capture the hard edged charm of the debut release from Daniel Band on this Collector's Edition release. On Rock has never sounded or looked better!

1 He's The Creator
2 I'm Sorry
3 You Don't Need The Blues
4 Free From Sin
5 Undercover Christian
6 Two Roads
7 Never Again
8 In The Sky
9 I Like To Rock
10 Spiritual Game
11 Somebody Loves You
Bonus Tracks
12 It All Turns To Rain
13 I Give You All