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DAVID BENSON - PREMONITION OF DOOM (*NEW-CD, 2012, Retroactive Records)

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David Benson splashed onto the metal scene with the legendary Christian metal classic titled Holy Psychotherapy in 1994, and his even stronger follow up effort, Purpose of the Cross in 1996. Benson's third release Premonition of Doom (Retroarchives Edition) has been aging in the vaults since the late 90's until 2012 where it finds new life as a 4 panel, full color digipak; mastered by the immortal J Powell of Steinhaus for maximum metal impact. The album displays Benson's strongest material with an imminent, dirge-like feel to it. Expect lots of slow, plodding metal, and bottom layer bone crushing riffs that bring to mind early stoner metal in the vein of classic Black Sabbath from the 70s/80s. Be forewarned, the album is a veritable quagmire of colossal magnitude thrust upon your shoulders and it will render you helpless. In the midst of melodic, detuned chugging you can practically feel your consciousness descend like lead into the pit of your stomach. The Doom Metal and Heavy Metal glory days of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne have found a firm musical foundation in the powerful, Premonition of Doom. With spectacular album artwork (Jan Yrlund) and a powerful message for a broken world, Premonition of Doom is must-have for all fans of 70s and 80s classic metal like Trouble, St. Vitus, Electric Wizard, and of course, the Black Sabbath / Ozzy train!

1 Premonition Of Doom 5:32
2 Fool 4:04
3 Fight 4:36
4 Sin 3:44
5 The Struggle 4:33
6 Hellfire 4:35
7 Warfare 3:50
8 Commissioned 7:03
9 Warpath 3:05