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FLOOD - RIPPED INTO EXILE (*NEW-CD, 2024, Acidify Records) Founding members of Tourniquet & Extol!

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Ultima Examen

Ripped Into Exile represents the culmination of the musical operative expertise of Flood, a plexus of musicians consisting of the metal amalgamation of Tourniquet, Extol and Echo Hollow....It is the opinion of this examiner that Flood has delivered an engaging, technically brilliant and spiritually insightful collection of songs which will most likely be praised and immortalized in the annals of heavy metal circa 2024.

April 2024   Jonathan “Doc” Swank, M. D. FOR HEAVEN'S METAL MAGAZINE

FLOOD - RIPPED INTO EXILE (*NEW-CD, 2024, Acidify Records) Founding members of Tourniquet & Extol! 

  • 8-panel digipak CD
  • 2024 release on Acidify Records
  • Flood's debut 2022 CD, "Polarized" is the best selling CD ever at Boone's Overstock
  • Featuring the co-founders of TOURNIQUET who helped create the iconic first three albums - STOP THE BLEEDING + PSYCHO SURGERY + PATHOGENIC OCULAR DISSONANCE 
  • Mastered by Bill Metoyer (Metal Blade Records - including early Deliverance) 
  • 8-panel color digipak with lyrics and band photos
  • Featuring Youtube sensation and world-renowned bassist, Anna Sentina
  • Featuring David Husvik of the influential thrash/metal band, EXTOL on drums.
  • David is also the drummer for AZUSA (epic extreme metal).   
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Polarized by Flood is a fantastic record, clearly an early contender for album of the year. Give yourself the opportunity to delve into this release and allow it’s ominous metal goodness to engulf you while reminding you of why we are here.  HM MAGAZINE

"If you love God and heavy melodic metal, then check FLOOD out!"
                            ---MICHAEL SWEET (Stryper)

"It's hard to imagine Guy, Gary, and Erik exceeding the artistic pedigree from their legendary work with Tourniquet. But one listen to FLOOD's epic metal album, POLARIZED and I knew definitively that they had achieved next-level greatness. The tightness, the progressive elements, and the blending of melody with perfectly aggressive heavy metal made the hair on my back stand straight up."
                           ---MATTHEW HUNT (Retroactive & Bombworks Records)   

FLOOD is a Metal band comprised of accomplished artists innovating forward thinking compositions with calculated, symphonic precision. Their melodically powerful music and vivid lyrics span the dystopian, apocalyptic, and socially relevant mindscape. Ripped Into Exile is FLOOD's 2nd record. Tourniquet co-founders Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter lead the vocal and guitar waves of FLOOD. David Husvik, drummer of Extol, Absurd, and Twisted Into Form reaches new heights of dynamic feel and extreme thrash on Ripped Into Exile. Guitar virtuoso João Miguel melts faces in high decibels while bassist Anna Sentina provides low end sonic architecture for this sophomoric symphony. Starting at the beginning of time, Ripped Into Exile captures ancient images of creation, the Fall, prophecy and the apocalyptical apex of the work of Jesus in the past, present, and future. The mysterious struggle of temptation, sin, faith, God's judgment of the world and redemption of His people frame this Metal motif of the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus the Christ.

Ripped Into Exile
Autopsied Atheism
Darwin's Missing Chimp
Can't Undo
Punk This
In An Ancient Time
Zero Hour

Ripped Into Exile/Autopsied Atheism/Burial/Dreamt/Darwin's Missing Chimp/Others/Can't Undo/Punk This/In An Ancient Time/Zero Hour