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Randy Rose - The Masquerade (CD, 2023, Behold!) Mad At the World drummer Metal!

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Randy Rose - Masquerade Sessions (CD, 2024, Behold!) 2024 Mad At the World drummer Metal!

  • Magnificent artist who has released many albums since the 80's
  • Drummer and founding member of Mad at the Word (Frontline Records)
  • Classic Rose albums on Alarma / Intense Records
  • 4-panel digipak CD with 6 panel lyrics insert
  • Also released an album under the name Mothership (limited CD copies available)
  • 2024 masterpiece of art rock and metal for fans of Danzig, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and System of the Down

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Randy has taken things up several notches AGAIN! He has always had some doom/sludge elements, but this album takes it to a different level! This album is HEAVY! The mix/production are top notch! The lyrics seem deeper & more introspective, like he sees things through others’ eyes & writes from that perspective. You can feel the pain, heartache, & struggle. But, he doesn’t leave you without hope. The lyrics are very relatable & bring a sense of relief knowing others feel the same emotions in life

I’ve heard it said that nothing great is ever easy and I found that to be very true. I’m very proud of this record, but it has been the hardest, most trying endeavor I have ever done. I have experienced so much death and pain and physical ailments. There were times that I really wasn’t sure if I would live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I’m so grateful for God‘s strength to bring me through and I wanted to personally thank every single Rose fan and Kickstarter supporter. You guys made this possible. I kept praying and pushing through because of all your kind words and your support. This is our record; you guys made it possible. I love and adore each and every one of you. I’ve made a lot of friends during this journey and I’ll never be the same.

Released May 20, 2023
The Masquerade was recorded from 2018 to 2022 at Rose Studios, Frisco Texas.

The Masquerade seems to be less of a concept album than the last, and more a collection of songs sharing thematic content, summed up by the odd cover art of a black cat mask. We all wear the masks. In that regard, Masquerade is more accessible than Songs for the Ritually Abused.

The Masquerade brings the signature Rose sound, reveling in an analog 70’s hard rock aura, with vintage instruments, and a decidedly Sabbathy bottom end. Less of a Queen sound on this one versus the last, and more of a 70’s hard rock meets stoner rock. “Snowblind” starts the album out strong on a groove train, interspersed with slower passages and ending with a piano piece and guitar. Heavy airplay on Heaven’s Metal Streaming Radio on this one. “The Masquerade” continues lulling you into a fuzz-induced coma with its slow and heavy groove, drums punching through the mist of Randy’s deep intonations. “Padlock My Heart” is the first injection of hope into this den of doom and depression. God never forces Himself on anyone but waits patiently until they willingly accept Him. “Monster Mask” continues the mask theme of how we put up facades to hide our true selves. The chorus with all the bgv’s is very Beatlesque. The heaviness factor is back for “The Monsters Waltz” with the grim message that “Running and hiding is the way to close the door.” The problem with a living sacrifice is that you and I keep getting off the altar. In “All My Strength” Randy opines “when will I break, till I finally take in Your simple truth.” “Across the River” also has its Beatles moments and talks about needing a new heart. In Ezekiel 11:19 God replaces our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. For “Jugglin’ With No Hands” the guitars transition to more of a classic rock flourish, before the album closes in the slower, but no less hypnotic introspective “Take Off the Mask,” with all the voices (lead and background) concluding beautifully “Love reaching for you – Jesus, your love is all I cling to.” Randy Rose is vital as ever, showing us just how ugly the human condition is, and in Whom our hope should lie. I love the guy’s voice and style and find it an essential part of our scene- past, present, and future. The first 2 songs are the ones that will stick with you. The music is good and will pull you into a deep groove. randyrose.info (Behold!) 

Randy Rose - vocals/guitar/bass/drums
Roger Rose - lead guitar on every song except Across the River played by Tristan Avakian and The Masquerade by Ben Jacobs.
Mike Link - bass on Across the River
Jason Ames - bass on All My Strength
Back up vocals - Randy Rose, Joe Giddings and Roger Rose.

1 Snowblind 5:30
2 The Masquerade 5:14
3 Padlock My Heart 5:25
4 Monster Mask 5:05
5 The Monsters Waltz 4:29
6 All My Strength 4:01
7 Across the River 4:46
8 Jugglin' With No Hands 4:21
9 Take Off the Mask 4:20

Snowblind/The Masquerade/Padlock My Heart/Monster Mask/The Monsters Waltz/All My Strength/Across the River/Jugglin' With No Hands/Take Off the Mask