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As guitars reigned supreme in the world of alternative rock circa 1989, and artists grew more oblique in the articulation of their faith. Two brothers from California, raised on groups like Daniel Amos, 441, The Altar Boys and others, Ronnie and Jason Martin stockpiled the cast-off synths and drum machines from the earlier 80's bands and delved into a style of techno-house music that was all their own. Not only did they eschew the guitar driven alt-rock aesthetic, which cast them as a niche within a niche, but they also cast off the all-too-common attitude within the Christian alternative music scene that Jesus should be hidden behind allegory, metaphor or other veils. The Martins embraced their love of Jesus and their love of digital sounds with equal passion. Their second effort, simply entitled Jesus, became an absolute favorite of the small techno music underground. Years later, Jason left to pursue the dreamy noise-pop or shoegazer rock with Starflyer 59 while Ronnie dove even farther into the keyboard realm with Joy Electric. As he gained a larger following, the demand for this early gem has grown and grown. It remains a testament to these young artists devotion to their own vision and Michael Knott's vision as an A&R director and label president.

Once Upon Your Lips 4:58
The Locket Maker 4:24
Old And True 3:45
Eve Leaf 3:05
Autumn Comes But Once, Dear 4:19
Homespun Is Happy 4:19
Simon Sister 3:31
Keepsake Melody 3:54
A Lull In The Fairest Maple 4:43
Uncle Art 4:02
A Cottage Song 4:40
Oleanders (Our Happy Place) 4:02
Sea Breeze 3:25
Merry 3:49
Wisteria Time 4:47