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ECHOING GREEN - SUPER NOVA (*NEW-CD) Techno/Alternative Masterpiece!

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Track Listings
1 Supernova
2 Yesterday's Taking Over
3 She's Gone Tragic
4 Liberation
5 Waterfall
6 Thief
7 December
8 Jubilation
9 Defender
10 Nightfall And Splendor

Most people have never heard of this album, or much less the band. This is a shame. While, as far as I can tell, the band isn't putting out music anymore, this album remains a staple in my regular rotation. I bought this album shortly after it came out in the early 2000's, and it became a instant classic in my mind. I lent the CD to several friends in the college and post college years and most loved it. However, one of those friends didn't return the CD. As a result, I was left with only the low quality (128kb) MP3's I'd ripped sometime before I lent the CD. I was crushed. However, the story didn't finish there. A friend of mine, who also loved The Echoing Green, gave me their copy of the album as a wedding present in 2007. The happiest day of my life (not going to say if it is because of the CD or wife may read this someday).

While I believe the whole album is worth listening to, I'd especially encourage any to listen to Supernova, Thief (my all time favorite song), Defender, and Nightfall and Splendor. You won't be disappointed.