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PETRA - FIFTY (Anniversary Collection) 5 LP Vinyl Box Set (Limited to 500) *Only 5 in stock!

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The 50th Anniversary Collection of the worlds most beloved Christian rock band on 5 Vinyl Records in a high-quality heavyweight box that will last a lifetime. Include a 12 page full size book.

5 boxes left!!!!

  • Includes all favorite songs from both the Greg X. Volz and John Schlitt Era.  Spans their entire catalog including songs that have never been on vinyl. 
  • 5-LP Vinyl Box Set in Hard Slip Case Box
  • 50 Career-Spanning Tracks Curated by Bob Hartman
  • 12 page Book includes photos, collage, reflections from Bob Hartman and John Schlitt and Petra story
  • Remastered for Vinyl
2023 Girder Records, GR1170LP
  • Release Date: July 2023
  • UPC: 765105159373

This is the most comprehensive collection of Petra music ever put together. It is also the first time Petra has ever released a vinyl box set.  If that isn't special enough, all 50 songs were remastered for vinyl and were curated by founding member Bob Hartman. The songs span the bands' entire discography. The box is made of high quality stiff board material not a flexible card-stock. This thing is heavy and high quality and will last a lifetime.  This special box set is limited to just 500 and contains all the songs that are found on the Petra - Fifty (Anniversary Collection) 3 CD set which releases April 7th. The box set contains a large 12"x12", 12-page, high quality, glossy page book with the complete Petra story and reflections from both founding member Bob Hartman and vocalist John Schlitt.

All songs were remastered for vinyl and pressed on high-quality virgin black vinyl and come stored in separate jackets inside this side-load slip case box.  Don't miss this chance to snag a piece of history.

Petra, the iconic Christian rock band, is celebrating their 50th anniversary with this special 5LP box set "Petra - Fifty (Anniversary Collection)."

The 5LP box set features 50 of the band's most beloved songs, curated by founder Bob Hartman, and is accompanied by a 12-page book that details the band's history and impact on the music industry.

The audio for "Petra - Fifty (Anniversary Collection)" has been specially remastered for vinyl, ensuring that the band's classic sound will be heard at its very best, pressed on high-quality virgin black viny. The box set also comes in a hard slip case box, adding to the collectability of the set ensuring that it will last a lifetime.

Petra, formed in 1972, became one of the most successful Christian rock bands of all time, with numerous chart-topping hits and millions of albums sold worldwide. The band's signature sound blended rock and roll with Christian lyrics, paving the way for a new era of Christian music.

Bob Hartman, the band's founder and lead guitarist, personally curated the 50 songs featured in the box set, selecting the best of the best from the band's extensive discography. The 5LP set includes hit singles such as "This Means War," "More Power to Ya," and "Beyond Belief," as well other gems that have helped define the band's legacy. The collection also includes a 12 page book featuring rare photos and reflections from the band members along with the complete Petra story. The book also includes a personal note from Bob Hartman and John Schlitt, reflecting on the band's 50-year journey and the impact they have had on the Christian music industry.

"We're thrilled to be celebrating our 50th anniversary with this special collection of our music," said Petra's founding member Bob Hartman. "I'm excited to share these career-spanning tracks that have shaped our journey over the years. It's been an incredible journey, and we're grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing our message of faith, hope, and love with our fans around the world."

"Petra - Fifty (Anniversary Collection)" is a must-have for any Petra fan, and a testament to the band's enduring legacy.

John L. Cooper / Skillet

Petra was the first band I ever loved. Not only did they rock, but they taught me scripture, encouraged me to stand up for Jesus, and helped fan my faith into a flame. They were trailblazers, pioneers, missionaries, evangelists—and rockers like me are standing on their shoulders.
- John L Cooper / Skillet

John Elefante / formerly of Kansas

Petra was much deeper than just a Christian rock band. I slowly realized after I worked with them throughout the years, that their ministry was the epicenter of what they did, and I never knew that Music could have that kind of effect on people’s lives. It truly was a life-changing experience for me.
- John Elefante

Kevin Young / Disciple

“My life was forever changed the day I heard Petra. They helped shape me lyrically, musically, and most important of all spiritually. They have been the soundtrack of my life. Their music was a constant companion to me as I went to Jesus in worship, in prayer, in desperation, and in friendship and love. This band is one of God’s greatest gifts to me.”
- Kevin Young / Disciple

1. Walkin’ in the Light (3:16)
2. Back Sliding Blues (4:30)
3. God Gave Rock and Roll to You (5:36)
4. Why Should the Father Bother? (3:46)
5. Yahweh Love (5:36)
6. Morning Star (4:47)
7. Chameleon (5:48)
8. Angel of Light (4:21)
9. Without Him We Can Do Nothing (3:27)
10. Praise Ye the Lord (3:18)
11. Second Wind (4:36)
12. Judas' Kiss (4:44) 
13. Road To Zion (4:01)
14. All Over Me (5:53)
15. More Power To Ya (3:35)
16. Not of This World (4:51)
17. Bema Seat (3:54)
18. Grave Robber (4:18)
19. Not by Sight (3:20)
20 Godpleaser (4:35)
21. Beat the System (4:22)
22. It Is Finished (3:52)
23. Adonai (4:42)
24 Hollow Eyes (4:03)
25 God Gave Rock And Roll To You (3:54)
26. Whole World (4:50)
27. Thankful Heart (3:17)
28. This Means War! (3:30)
29. He Came, He Saw, He Conquered (4:10)
30. All Fired Up (4:30)
31. Mine Field(4:28)
32. First Love (4:10)
33. Counsel of the Holy (3:37)
34. I Love the Lord
35. Creed (4:35)
36. Beyond Belief (5:03)
37. Love 4:11)
38. Seen And Not Heard (4:29)
39. Prayer (4:14)
40. I Am On The Rock (4:35)
41. Sight Unseen
42. Dance (3:45)
43. Midnight Oil (3:17)
44. Just Reach Out (4:28)
45. Enter In (5:00)
46. No Doubt (4:53)
47. Lord I Lift Your Name On High (3:01)
48. Lovely Lord (4:26)
49  We Need Jesus (4:02)
50. Jekyll & Hyde (3:04)