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HAVOK - CONFORMICIDE (*NEW-2-LP Purple Vinyl Gatefold, 2024, Brutal Planet Records) Modern Thrash with classic vibe ala old school Metallica

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  • Limited to just 300 copies!
  • 2017 original released on Century Media Records
  • Authentically and officially licensed
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series on Brutal Planet Records
  • First time Purple 2-LP Vinyl with Gatefold 
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell (In This Moment, Iwrestledabearonce, Coroner, Sacrifice, believer, etc)
  • Includes two bonus songs with the first one being a short 44 second thrash quickie entitled "String Break," and the second song being an excellent cover of Pantera's "Slaughtered." 

After releasing three studio albums (2009's Burn, 2011's Time is Up, and 2013's Unnatural Selection) and one EP (2012's Point of No Return) on Candlelight Records, Havok struck a deal with Century Media Records, and made their return after four long years with their latest arsenal of blistering modern thrash metal mayhem entitled "Conformicide." From start to finish, "Conformicide" is a fantastic beast of an album that shreds and thrashes like an angry, rabid beast with ten unstoppable tracks (plus two bonus tracks) that are drenched in politically charged lyrics, wicked, ear-shattering vocals, along with ferocious, speaker shredding, ear-piercing, thrash-induced riffs and killer, blazing, shredding leads and solos, slap-heavy, eye-popping, funky, pounding bass lines, and storming, heart-pounding, ripping technical double bass drumming all throughout each song. David Sanchez is easily one of the best vocalists in thrash metal today. His vocal deliveries I would say remind me of a combination between Megadeth's Dave Mustaine's gritty and snarly yet melodic vocal style, and Exodus Steve Souza's savagely angry and violent, screechy, throat-ripping screams. Overall, Sanchez's vocals are venomous throughout. The musicianship on "Conformicide" is just absolutely fantastic here. Reece Scruggs is also in top form with his blistering, shredding and hot-smoking leads & solos as well. Meanwhile, the band's rhythm section is also worth mentioning too. Enter new bassist Nick Schendzielos (formerly of Cephalic Carnage and Job For a Cowboy) as he just makes his presence felt here with his incredibly awesome, slap-heavy, ear-pounding and hard, funky bass playing that would really make Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, Robert Trujillo and even Flea all mighty proud. And meanwhile, skinsman Pete Webber rounds off Havok's rhythm section as he beats and pounds his way through each track with his tight, powerful, technical, pummeling and ripping double bass drumming. All in all, each member is in absolute top form throughout this album.

The albums biggest standout has to be the 7 minute, 41 second fifth track, "Ingsoc" which is lyrically inspired by George Orwell's 1949 dystopian novel entitled "1984." "Ingsoc" breaks up the straightforward thrash attack with some more groovy/thrash adding a touch of prog that features an extremely enjoyable, headbanging-worthy, crunchy and chuggy, groove-laden, awesome rib cracking bass lines, and stomping, mid-paced double-time drumming all lead by Sanchez's angry and torturous screams. The "1984" Orwellian chorus in this song is very memorable, but the main highlight has to be the awesome, shredding soloing and soaring twin harmony leads that all take place before the final chorus.

With "Conformicide," Havok took a huge risk by adding different elements and influences to their already savagely blistering thrash metal sound, and it paid off big time. "Conformicide" is a brutal, balls-to-the-wall assault of pure thrash metal mayhem that gets better and better with every listen, and it also continues a great, strong run of albums by these young Colorado modern thrashers. If you are looking for the same feeling you got when you first played Master of Puppets or Peace Sells....look no further! The 2024 Brutal Planet Records Metal Icon Series 2-LP Purple Vinyl reissue comes in a deluxe gatefold with lyrics and pics, remastered to perfection. Limited to just 300 copies! This album is a true thrash metal classic to be revered for years to come. Highly Recommended!!! HORNS UP!!! \m/ \m/ 

Hang 'Em High
Intention To Deceive
Peace Is In Pieces
Claiming Certainty
Wake Up
Circling The Drain
Bonus Tracks
String Break
Slaughtered (Pantera cover)


F.P.C./Hang 'Em High/Dogmaniacal/Intention To Deceive/Ingsoc/Masterplan/Peace Is In Pieces/Claiming Certainty/Wake Up/Circling The Drain/String Break/Slaughtered