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NEVERMORE - THE OBSIDIAN CONSPIRACY + 2 Bonus (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD + Collector Card, 2022, Brutal Planet)

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BPCD1600 NEVERMORE - OBSIDIAN CONSPIRACY + 2 Bonus (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD + Collector Card, 2022, Brutal Planet) 637405144901

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  • Authentically licensed 2010 classic album released on Century Media
  • Features two hard to find bonus tracks 
  • Production by former Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers
  • With the coveted Brutal Planet GoldMax Deluxe CD reissue treatment
  • Elite 2022 Remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Gold Disc CD to discourage disc rot and add beauty and elegance
  • Every CD comes with a deluxe foil-stamped collector's card of Nevermore
  • Expanded 12-page insert with lyrics and additional band pics
  • Gold Disc border on the front cover - but the back of the booklet features the front cover with no Gold border around the edges
  • Booklet write-up by esteemed heavy metal music critic, Martin Popoff!


I personally find it to be instantly enjoyable, from Warrel Dane's dramatic vocals, to Jeff Loomis' insane guitar wizardry to the machine-like efficiency of the bands rhythm section; drummer Van Williams and bassist Jim Sheppard. Time will tell if this CD holds up against the classic albums from the Nevermore catalog.                         
                        Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal / Ultimatum vocalist)


Nevermore has always held a special place in the metal community with both fans and other bands alike looking up to and respecting them. It isn’t hard to see why they command this level of respect, with world-class guitarist Jeff Loomis and vocalist extraordinaire Warrel Dane both calling Nevermore home. Because of this high profile and superb talent, a lot is expected from Nevermore and for the most part, album to album, Nevermore have consistently delivered the goods. Therefore, the arrival of a new slab of metal from these guys is always a pretty big deal and after waiting five years since The Godless Endeavor, we finally got The Obsidian Conspiracy. Right off the bat it becomes obvious The Obsidian Conspiracy is a bit of a departure for Nevermore. While the trademark Nevermore elements are all still present, long-time fans may notice this is less complex and more accessible than The Godless Endeavor and other older works. Now, before diehard Nevermore fans get their panties in a bunch and jump out a window, this is still classic Nevermore and a very technical album with some very heavy moments. Additionally, this is far from some pop metal album. When I say accessible, I mean in the context of past Nevermore albums, which could be very dense and heavily technical and require patience to get into. Perhaps the added accessibility comes from a growing maturity as songwriters or maybe some of it bled over from Dane’s solo album. Whatever the cause, the result is a collection of well crafted songs which ebb and flow very well from mood to mood. The 2022 Brutal Planet Records GoldMax CD remaster includes two hard-to-find bonus tracks (and a foil-stamped Ltd band Collector Card) along with an expanded booklet with lyrics and band pics!  

1. The Termination Proclamation 3:08
2 Your Poison Throne 3:51
3 Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death) 4:01
4 And The Maiden Spoke 4:59
5 Emptiness Unobstructed 4:37
6 The Blue Marble And The New Soul 4:37
7 Without Morals 4:17
8 The Day You Built The Wall 4:22
9 She Comes In Colors 5:31
10 The Obsidian Conspiracy 5:16
11 Temptation (3:26)
12 Crystal Ship (2:49)
11 Temptation (3:26) Tea Party cover 
12 Crystal Ship (2:49) Doors cover