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DANIEL AMOS - SHOTGUN ANGEL (*NEW-2 CD Set, 2011 digipak)

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Artist: Daniel Amos

Album Title: Shotgun Angel (2 Disc Collector's Edition)

Barcode: 845121037814

Product ID: BTR7783

Record Label: Born Twice Records

Release Date: June 2011

Style: Jesus Music / Rock

Packaging: 20 page full color insert / 6 panel digipak

Time: Disc One / 13 Tracks 41 Min. & Disc Two / 26 Tracks 77 Min.


Just one year after its release, the band?s debut album was already considered one of the top 3 or 4 Christian releases of all time. There was enormous pressure for their 1977 follow-up, Shotgun Angel. In typical fashion the band managed to surpass all expectations. The first half of Shotgun strongly resembles the country rock of the debut. The second half of the album is what the album would be famous for, however, a rock hybrid of Queen, Pink Floyd, and Abby Road!

DA's classic 1977 remastered album features a second disc of more than 26 never before released high quality bonus tracks including unreleased songs, rare 4-track demos, studio outtakes, remixes and more; a 20 page booklet with more than 30 previously unseen photos in a deluxe gatefold digipak. Countless hours of work and care went into restoring the album's original artwork and audio - including correcting digital glitches found on previous reissues.



01. Days And Nights

02. Black Gold Fever

03. Praise Song

04. Father?s Arms

05. Meal

06. Shotgun Angel

07. Finale: Bereshith Overture

08. Lady Goodbye

09. The Whistler

10. He?s Gonna Do A Number On You

11. Better

12. Sail Me Away

13. Posse In The Sky


01. Jonah & The Whale

02. Father?s Arms (Demo 1)

03. Posse In The Sky (Demo 1)

04. Father?s Arm (Demo 2)

05. Black Gold Fever (Demo)

Track listing continued on page 2

06. Praise Song (Demo)

07. Meal (Demo)

08. Shotgun Angel (Demo)

09. Finale: Bereshith Overture (Demo)

10. Lady Goodbye (Demo)

11. The Whistler (Demo)

12. He?s Gonna Do A Number On You (Demo)

13. Better (Demo)

14. Sail Me Away (Demo)

15. Posse In The Sky (Demo 2)

16. Studio Snippet

17. Days And Nights (Alt Mix)

18. Black Gold Fever (Alt Mix)

19. Meal (Alt Mix)

20. Shotgun Bagel

21. Lady Goodbye (Alt Mix)

22. The Whistler (Alt Mix)

23. He?s Gonna Do A Number On You (Alt Mix)

24. Better (Alt Mix)

25. Sail Me Away (Alt Mix)

26. Loony Tunes