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MESSIAH - GOING INSANE + 3 (CD, 2010, Retroactive) For fans of 70's Alice Cooper/Kiss!

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When 1986 rolled around these Christian metal pioneers Detroit, Michigan followed up their legendary Final Warning LP with the sophomore triumph, Going Insane 5 song EP! Like the debut release, Going Insane had no distribution and even the most devoted Christian metal fan was frustrated by attempts to acquire this masterpiece – that was if they were lucky enough to even know about it! It has been estimated that there are no more than several hundred copies in existence. This only served to increase collector demand and Messiah would go on to become cult heroes to underground metal fanatics who would pay over $1,000 for a vinyl copy of this rare EP! This Christian metal classic has been remastered by the best in the industry, J Powell of Steinhaus Mastering. And, Martin Brandt (Heavy / That’s Metal magazines) provides detailed liner notes bringing the band’s storied past to life for the very first time! This special Retroactive Record’s Collector’s Edition includes three exclusive high quality bonus tracks, “Lucifer,” “You’d Better Say a Prayer” and “Final Warning”, all originally recorded in 1978 with the original Messiah lineup from Texas (1970’s incarnation of the band) that all have a decidedly 70’s hard rock feel to them! These amazing bonus tracks were taken from the original master tapes and have never been released in any format until now! You now get a total of 8 tracks and 46 minutes of classic hard rock and metal. Expect tasty guitar licks and powerful vocals inspired by the likes of KISS, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Barnabas, Messiah Prophet and early Judas Priest! Messiah’s musical legacy lives on! 8 songs / 45 minutes