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NICKOLOFF - ENVY (*NEW-CD, 2024, Kivel) Brilliant AOR-Classic Bon Jovi!

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  • 16 page lyrics booklet
  • Jewel case
  • Classic AOR for fans of classic Bon Jovi era
  • Kivel Records 2024 

KR00079 / 798576299897


REG MONSANTO – Guitars, Backing Vocals
JOHN BIGWOOD – Bass Guitar
KEVIN SMITH – Drums, Backing Vocals
MARK MCMANUS – Guitars, Backing Vocals
PRODUCED By – Matt Starr
MIXED AND MASTERED By–Alessandro Del Vecchio/Ivory Tears Music Works Studios
ENGINEERED By – Matt McKeown at Sound Mind Studios

Introducing Nickoloff's latest offering, "Envy" on Kivel Records, a testament to the enduring power of arena rock with a fresh twist. This isn't about chasing fleeting trends; it's a return to the authentic, timeless spirit of classic rock 'n' roll. Hailing from the Sunshine State, Nickoloff brings forth an album that resonates with the nostalgic essence of the genre's glory days, reinvigorated for contemporary ears.

Picture Bon Jovi refusing to conform to the current music landscape and instead crafting the album we've always known he's capable of. That's the essence of Nickoloff's sound. They're not trying to reinvent the wheel or carve out a new path; they simply want to revel in the joy of creating music that evokes the same excitement and passion as the arena rock anthems of yesteryears. And they've succeeded with flying colors.

The lead single, "Back Where I Belong," encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, tapping into the collective nostalgia of listeners and transporting them back to the heyday of arena rock. It's a heartfelt ode that strikes a chord with anyone longing for the electrifying energy and unbridled spirit of that era. Nickoloff invites us to reclaim our place in the realm of arena rock, where passion reigns supreme and the music speaks directly to the soul.

With "Envy," there are no disclaimers needed. Crank up the volume and let the infectious melodies and powerhouse vocals wash over you, igniting a newfound appreciation for the genre. The heart wants what it wants, and in this case, it's Nickoloff's irresistible brand of rock 'n' roll. Don't miss out – grab your copy of "Envy" now and embark on a journey back to the golden age of arena rock.


  1. So F***ing Happy
  2. Back to Where I Belong
  3. I like It 
  4. If You Want Me
  5. Without You
  6. Should've Seen It Coming
  7. After Tonight
  8. Don't Walk Away
  9. That Look
  10. Cat Dragged in!

    So F***ing Happy/Back to Where I Belong/I like It/If You Want Me/Without You/Should've Seen It Coming/After Tonight/Don't Walk Away/That Look/Cat Dragged In!