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12 VINYL CHRISTIAN MUSIC BUNDLE BLOWOUT - 70's & 80's Pop + Rock + Metal + Alternative + CCM

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At least a $90 value for just $35.80!!!


We have thousands of Vinyl and not enough time to list them individually so we are clearing space by giving you blowout prices on 12 Christian Vinyl.  Don't forget to select our Hassle Free insurance at checkout. 

What Will I Get?

12 Pre-owned and/or New Vinyl. Genres might include Pop, Folk, Rock, Metal,  Alternative, Contemporary Christian Music , Worship, Gospel, Praise. They will range from acceptable to good  (G) to very good (VG) condition to New/Sealed (NM) condition. 

  • You will receive a random assortment of 12 unique records. Music You Will Love
  • You will not receive any duplicate titles per 12 Vinyl Lot. If you order more than one there will be little to no duplication.
  • All Vinyl are guaranteed to play, but condition may vary, some are still sealed. Many are perfect condition, but not all.
  • This is a grab bag sold as is. No returns are accepted.

What Record Label Titles Might Be Included?

Record labels these vinyl releases came out on include (but not limited to): Rare independent releases, StarSong, Sparrow, Blood & Ink, Solid State, Tooth & Nail, Word/Myrrh, INO, Ruffed Records, Reunion, Imports, Facedown, Intense, Alarma!, Forefront, Flicker, Floodgate, Rocketown, Maranatha!, Inpop, Pamplin, Curb, Essential, R.E.X, Storyville, Retroactive, Bombworks, Born Twice Records, Girder Records.   

Can I Request Specific Titles?

As much as we would love to do that for you, these have all been pre-packed from thousands of vinyl and there is no way to sort them or organize them.   We will guarantee that you will find some great new music that you will love and might even become your favorite

Can I Return/Exchange Them?

This is a grab-bag sold as-is. Sorry no returns are accepted.

Why Should I Not Order These?

There is no guarantee of any particular title or genre, but we do guarantee that they will be Christian and they will be from the 70’s and/or 80’s. If you do not what this and expect a certain genre or title this is not for you. If you do not love new music and want to find even more artist that you might love then please do not order this. This is only for real music fans that love finding new music. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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