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Petra - Wake Up Call (2023 Girder/Curb) Remastered 180 Gram Colored Vinyl

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For the first time ever in the USA you can now get your hands on Petra Beyond Belief, Unseen Power and Wake Up Call on 180 gram colored vinyl.  Originally only 2 of the 3 were released in the UK and Brazil on vinyl, but none of them were ever released in the USA on vinyl.  We did these right.  They are fully remastered, 180 gram color records with printed sleeves, lyrics, photos and hype sticker. 

  • Release Date: January 2, 2024
  • 2023 Girder/Curb
  • 1994 Grammy Award™ for Best Gospel Rock Album
  • 1993 Dove Award for Rock Album of the Year
  • Girder Music Presents Hype Sticker
  • 180 Gram Heavy Weight Vinyl
  • Printed Inner Sleeve with Lyrics and Photos
  • Yellow Vinyl
  • Originally Release on Word Records 1993
  • Girder / Curb Collaboration and Band Approved! 

Girder Music and Word/Curb Records presents an exciting collaboration, remastered color, 180 gram Vinyl of three iconic Petra albums: "Beyond Belief," "Unseen Power," and "Wake Up Call." Meticulously remastered by the esteemed audio engineer, Rob Colwell and expertly crafted design layouts by the talented Scott Waters, each reissued album is 180 gram heavy weight vinyl in a superior jacket with hype sticker and printed inner sleeve with lyrics and photos.  While these reissued albums proudly bear the Girder Music Presents hype stickers on their covers, we want to emphasize that this collaboration marks a historic moment, they are not licensed to Girder Records as many of our releases are however this is a true collaboration brought to you through the combined efforts of Girder Music and Word/Curb Records. Rest assured, the Girder Music touch is evident in every aspect, ensuring that the experience of these reissues lives up to the high standards you have come to expect and many have called the Girder treatment. Only 1000 of each of these are available. 

 Girder Music  Curb | Word Collaboration
FULL Girder Treatment / Remastered
Grammy Award™ Best Gospel Album
Dove Award™ Best Rock Album

 After a long and successful tour for UNSEEN POWER, the band took a year off before recording and touring for the follow-up album Wake-up call. With a changing musical climate in the mid-1990s, Petra decided to not work with the Elefante brothers for the first time in six records. Instead They worked with Brown Bannister, who at the time had won eight Grammy awards. Wake-up call stayed on Billboard’s Christian albums chart for more than five months and was the third consecutive Petra album to receive a Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album. the band also won a Dove award for Rock Album of the Year.

Bob Hartman – guitars
John Schlitt – lead vocals
John Lawry – keyboards
Ronny Cates – bass
Louie Weaver – drums

Introducing "Wake Up Call," the iconic album from the legendary Christian rock band Petra. With its captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful messages, this album is a must-have for fans of rock music with a spiritual touch.

"Wake Up Call" delivers a sonic experience that will energize your spirit and ignite your faith. From the opening track, "Midnight Oil," the album sets the stage for a musical journey that will leave you inspired and motivated. Petra's signature sound shines through in each song, combining infectious guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and heartfelt vocals.

One of the standout tracks, "Praying Man," is a powerful anthem that encourages believers to embrace the transformative power of prayer. With its memorable chorus and passionate delivery, this song resonates with listeners on a profound level, reminding us of the importance of a deep and personal connection with God.

"Wake Up Call" also showcases Petra's ability to deliver poignant and introspective ballads. Songs like "Just Reach Out" invite listeners to reflect on their faith, offering comfort and reassurance in times of doubt or struggle. These tracks highlight Petra's lyrical depth and their ability to touch the hearts of listeners with their heartfelt expressions of devotion.

With its exceptional production quality and timeless appeal, "Wake Up Call" stands as a testament to Petra's enduring legacy in Christian rock music. The album's powerful combination of faith-filled lyrics and dynamic music creates an atmosphere that will uplift, inspire, and motivate listeners.

Immerse yourself in the musical brilliance of "Wake Up Call" and let Petra's passionate performances and captivating melodies awaken your spirit. This album is a rallying cry to embrace your faith, live with purpose, and make a difference in the world around you. Experience the awakening that awaits you with "Wake Up Call" from Petra.
  1. "Midnight Oil" – 3:17
  2. "Good News" – 4:29
  3. "Strong Convictions" – 3:53
  4. "He's Been in My Shoes" – 4:22
  5. "Praying Man" (words by John Lawry, music by Lawry & Jim Cooper) – 4:25
  6. "Underneath the Blood" (music by Ronny Cates) – 3:30
  7. "Sleeping Giant" (music by Cates) – 5:28
  8. "Believer in Deed" – 4:06
  9. "Marks of the Cross" (music by Cates) – 4:35
  10. "Just Reach Out" (words & music by John Schlitt and Rich Gootee) – 4:28